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What Are The Best Sleeping Positions For Back Pain?

Being a mommy is not an easy task. Especially, if you are a working mom, you will have to manage the daily chores, both at home and at the office. This hectic schedule might give a sore back. You will also have backaches, during the time of your pregnancy and your menstrual cycle. Women who sit continuously for long hours (working women) and who are overweight are also prone to a backache.

Ideally, a proper sleep is required to reduce your stress and tension after a long and tiring day. But, will a sore back let you sleep in peace? NO. Definitely not. Improper sleep increases the risks of obesity, heart diseases and depression.

If you have also been facing the same issues, here are a few positions which will make you fall asleep comfortably.

1. Sleeping On Your Side:

If you find sleeping on your back difficult then change the sleeping position. This will take some strain off your back.

- Carefully lie back on the bed and slowly turn to one side

- Now pull your legs slightly towards your chest and place a pillow between the knees

- The pillow will help keep your hips, pelvis and spine in perfect alignment

- Do not sleep on the same side every day as it might cause muscle imbalance

2. Sleeping On Your Stomach:

Sleeping on your stomach is good for your back as it does not strain your neck.

- Lie down on your stomach

- Place a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen.

- This will reduce the strain on your back

- Depending on how comfortable you feel, you can sleep with or without a pillow under your head.

Go for this option, if you can’t sleep in any other position.

3. Sleeping On Your Back:

Sleeping on your back is the best position to get rid of the back pain. Your weight gets evenly distributed and your spine is perfectly aligned in this position.

- Lie flat on your back

- Keep a pillow under your knees

- The pillow plays a crucial role as it helps in maintaining curve on the lower back

Apart from these sleeping positions, there are a few additional tips that will help you sleep better with back pain.

1. Sleeping Position:

Certain sleeping positions will help ease your back pain. Hence, find a comfortable sleeping position that will reduce the pain and will help you sleep comfortably.

2. Mattress:

A wrong mattress will just worsen your condition, so, choose a mattress that will ease your back pain. Generally, a firm mattress is suggested by the doctors.

3. Pillow:

Since pillows play a vital role in maintaining the alignment of the spine, make sure you choose the right pillow.

-If you sleep on your back, choose a thin pillow made of foam material.

-If you sleep on your stomach, either sleep with a thin pillow or no pillow at all. You can try using a body pillow as well as it helps to keep your body in alignment.

-If you sleep on your side then choose a firm pillow. It will help to fill in the gap between your ear and your shoulder.

4. Yoga:

Studies show that yoga helps reduce a backache. But, wrong exercises can worsen your condition. So, consult your doctor and ask for safe yoga exercises which will ease your back pain.

5. Music:

Music always soothes the pain. Listen to calm music before going to bed and it will definitely distract you from the pain and make you fall asleep.

6. Physical Activities:

Any sudden motion can trigger your back pain. You need to be very careful while getting in and out of the bed. Take time and use your arms to get up from the bed.

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