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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Second Child?

You already have a family that you dreamed of and now the beauty of it makes you wonder if you should stop at one. It’s hard to resist trying for a second child once you have already experienced motherhood. Some couples prefer to have one child due to their work or financial commitments, while some would love nothing more than to expand their family. Neither choice is right or wrong, it simply depends on the situations you are facing as parents and individuals. Here are a few benefits of opting for a second baby, for those who are in two minds about it!

1. Company

Having a second child ensures that your children always have a companion by their side. Even if both parents devote sufficient time to their child, the simple age gap may make it hard for your child to connect with you. Having a second child bridges that gap and ensures that both your children grow up with someone to confide in.

2. Sharing

Having someone to share with may get frustrating at times, but in the long run, it makes them more accommodating people. Your children will grow up knowing that everything is not about them and this usually provides them with a much-needed rain check. This will help them in their interactions with people when they grow older.  

3. Reduces the burden

You may think that having a second child is exactly like having the first, but that’s not entirely true. Your children now have each other to run to for their problems which shifts the burden off your shoulders. The older one may also look after your younger one like a parent instead of a sibling. They may spend more time bickering among themselves, keeping them both occupied. You’ll find that you have a lot more spare time on your hands with your second child.

4. Less expensive

Having your second child is definitely less expensive than your first born. You have all the clothes and toys ready to be recycled with the little one. The only thing you’ll need a fresh supply of is nappies or diapers, as those are impossible to reuse.

5. More experience

Even as a parent, you’ve been through all this before. You know what’s to be done with hospital check-ups and your own health. You’ve learnt from the choices and mistakes you’ve made while raising your older one, and you can make sure that they aren’t repeated, making this an easier task for yourself as well as the baby.

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