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Weight Problems In Childhood And How To Tackle Them

The biggest problem every mother is scared when it comes to their children is if they are overweight. Children who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of more than 95 percentile as compared to others their age, they are considered to be obese. BMI is a tool used to determine your “weight status”, which is calculated by using your height and weight.

BMI is a tool used to determine your “weight status”, which is calculated by using your height and weight. Obesity is a huge threat and its rate of affecting people is growing fast. As a concerned mother, you would want to know how to keep your child’s weight under control.

Read on to understand how obesity can affect your child now and in the long run.

Weight problems can affect your child when they grow older in many ways. Some of them being:

1. Stroke

2. High BP

3. Diabetes

4. Breathing problems

5. Sleep apnea

6. Asthma

7. Joint pain

Wondering what might cause obesity in your little one? These might be some of the reason:

1. Family history

2. Poor diet

3. No control towards temptation

4. Not enough physical activity

5. Stress

Here is how you can help your little one get out of the clutches of obesity.

1. Develop healthy eating habits for your kid. Get them to be more interested in fruits and veggies as early as possible.

2. Use lean protein like fish while cooking dinner for them instead of chicken.

3. Rice is a staple in your diet, but white rice contains a lot of carbs. Switch white rice to slow cooked brown rice.

4. Increase their physical activity. Make them walk around the house or be engaged in some activity or the other.

5. Serve reasonably-sized portions, as anyway their tiny tummies won’t be able to digest too much.

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