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Weight Loss After A C-Section Delivery

After giving birth to a baby, the last thing on your mind is to get off your bed. In case of a c-section delivery, you would have to wait for at least a month or two before you start any form of exercise (apart from walking). But then we do want to get our bodies back in shape. So, how do go about it? Where do we start? Here are a couple of things you can try out in order to lose weight by not being too hard on yourself while you recover:

Water Exercises

Doing exercises in the water makes it easier to move without putting a strain on your body. Apart from swimming, there are several exercises, that you would otherwise perform on dry land, that you can try performing underwater - you could even try and perform squats in the water. Walking around in the water will help tone the muscles in your legs. The best part if that you are burning calories without exerting yourself too much. Just avoid straining yourself out by pushing yourself too hard while exercising. Slowly ease into the exercises and allow your body to adapt to it. Start with a 20-minute workout and then gradually increase it to 30 minutes after 2 weeks and then 45 minutes over a period of 2 months.

Healthy Snacking

Stack up a whole lot of healthy snacks in the fridge so that you can grab them anytime. Keeping a stock of fruit that you can pop anytime during the day - bananas, grapes, apples - will come in handy. You should also have a decent stock of yoghurt, dry fruit and nuts. Bhel puri with a whole lot of vegetables and no oil is a healthy option for when you crave something ‘khara' or 'namkeen’.

Brisk Walks

One of the first exercises you should get started on post delivery is walking. You can start by walking for a short interval of time and then gradually increase it according to your comfort level. While walking, swing your arms about and take long strides as you walk. By moving your arms and legs, you are getting an effective workout without straining yourself.


The easiest and most obvious way for a new mom to lose weight is through breastfeeding. In fact, many famous celebrities have sworn that they gained their pre-pregnancy body purely because of breastfeeding. This is not necessarily true - they would definitely have combined it with an exercise regime and a healthy diet. But that is not to say that one should ignore the benefits of breastfeeding.

Tweak Your Diet

It is so easy for us to reach out for those unhealthy snacks that we know are not good for us. This is the biggest mistake we make when we are trying to lose weight postpartum. One great fix is to get yourself a food chart and mark off the food groups that you have covered for the day. Ideally, you should consume enough vitamins and minerals along with a lot of protein and healthy fatty food. By covering the right amount of food every day, you will find yourself feeling full and will not reach out for those unhealthy snacks.

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