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Stuck deciding what to feed your year old? Here's something for you!

At 1 year old your baby can now handle a lot of variety as long as it is cooked well. Avoiding hard chunky food is recommended, everything else is acceptable unless your baby has allergies to certain types of foods (Such as Lactose intolerance).

Now is a good time to remove purees from your child's diet completely to avoid problems later, the baby can now safely chew and digest a majority of the adult foods.

If your baby is still reluctant to hard, chewy food, don't force feed her. Introduce it gradually starting with the things she's acquired a taste for. Eventually, she'll get used to it and prefer it over liquids.

Here's a nutritionally balanced Food Chart for the week so you don't have to stress over deciding what to cook:

Monday -

Early Morning: Breast milk/ Formula

Breakfast: Poha

Mid-morning: Cheeku slices

Lunch: Dal rice

Dinner: Chapati with Okra (Bhindi)

Late-night: Breast milk/ Formula


Early Morning: Breast milk/ Formula

Breakfast: Upma

Mid-morning: Banana slices

Lunch: Rice with fish curry

Dinner: Paneer paratha

Late-night: Breast milk/ Formula


Early Morning: Breast milk/ Formula

Breakfast: Ragi Dosa

Mid-morning: Sliced grapes

Lunch: Kadhi Chawal

Dinner: Dosa with potato masala

Late-night: Breast milk/ Formula


Early Morning: Breast milk/ Formula

Breakfast: Sabudana khichdi

Mid-morning: Watermelon pieces

Lunch: Curd rice

Dinner: Rice with egg curry

Late-night: Breast milk/ Formula


Early Morning: Breast milk/ Formula

Breakfast: French Toast

Mid-morning: Potato wedges

Lunch: Chhole rice

Dinner: Chapati with cauliflower

Late-night: Breast milk/ Formula


Early Morning: Breast milk/ Formula

Breakfast: Besan Pancakes

Mid-morning: Cucumber slices

Lunch: Chapati with Potato

Dinner: Dal and rice

Late-night: Breast milk/ Formula


Early Morning: Breast milk/ Formula

Breakfast: Cornflakes with milk

Mid-morning: Carrot pieces

Lunch: Idli with sambar

Dinner: Paratha with Paneer

Late-night: Breast milk/ Formula 

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