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We Have Launched Our Own Natural Floor Cleaner And We Can't Keep Calm!

TinyStep is Bangalore-based app and parenting network. We are India's largest parenting network. We hold deep love and affection for you mothers out there. This constant thought of you in our mind has inspired us to develop our own natural and safe floor cleaner to keep you and your family safe.

What's wrong with your floor cleaner?

Most chemical-based floor cleaners have a ‘CAUTION’ message printed on the cover that says it should be kept away from kids. So if it isn’t safe for your kids, you probably shouldn’t be using it.

Your common floor cleaner contains a lot of chemicals-ammonia, phosphates, chlorides, just to name a few! These compounds not only harm the bacteria on the floor but also harm your family. Although these floor cleaners leave your tiles sparkly clean, they pose a threat to the life of your little ones! Babies learn to grow on the floor and if your floor itself is toxic, it will have a negative impact on your baby’s health.

Why Tinystep floor cleaner?

Natural Composition

We handpick the best natural ingredients from mother nature’s own lap just to ensure that you are tension free when your toddler explores his home! We use vinegar, baking soda, neem extract, lauryl glucoside, decyl glucoside, potassium sorbate - all these ingredients are naturally derived.

Nothing Better Than Nature, Herself!


More reasons to crawl and explore - since your baby spends most of her time on the floor, crawling and exploring the house, your ordinary floor cleaner can pose several threats to her health! The chemicals present in cleaning supplies can pose various health hazards like skin allergies, respiratory irritation, watery eyes, and chemical burns.

Since children are the apple of our eyes and their health and safety are every parents’ priority, we have developed an incredible floor cleaner for them.

Save the planet

Contribute to the wellness of our little planet. Not only are the ingredients of your floor cleaner derived from environmental unfriendly processes they have a lot of toxins that further amplify the damage they cause to the environment. Tinystep floor cleaner uses vinegar, neem extracts and baking soda as the major ingredients which are all natural! Let's join hands in giving something back to Mother Earth!


One of the major deciding factors about a floor cleaner is how affordable it is and what the shelf life of the bottle will be! A floor cleaner that would last for about a month’s worth of cleaning without burning a hole in your pocket is surely the one that we all would buy. Our floor cleaner just fits right in your monthly budget!

Interested in buying our product? Order it right here.

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