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Water Weight: 6 Ways You Can Reduce It

Your body weight and its water content usually goes through natural fluctuations. These changes can increase by 0.9 kg to 1.8 kg because there is always shifting fluid weight in your body. Reasons for you to be accumulating water weight can be varied. It could be the hot weather, premenstrual symptoms, lack of dietary protein or side effects of various medications.

The exact time you take to lose this weight naturally is upto hours or even days. If you know that there is an existing medical condition, you must seek professional consultation. In general, it is best to consult or seek a doctor’s opinion.

There can be times you might feel your hands, legs, feet and face look puffy or swollen. If your quality of life or appearance is getting affected, you can try out these 6 simple tips to reduce your water weight.

1. Diet

Changes in your diet is easy and will highly impact the way you can reduce your water weight. You should be eating foods both high in:

a. Salt, like chips, fast food, frozen dinners or snack foods. Don't add any extra salt to your food during cooking or at the table (this includes salt shaker, soy sauce or any salty seasonings)

b. Potassium, like bananas, oranges, spinach and tomatoes.

Potassium will help your body to get rid of excess salt, helping you easily shed a good amount of water weight. Sometimes, there are foods that cause digestive issues or inflammation. You should most definitely avoid them in your diet.

2. Sleep

It has been studied and proved that around 7-9 hours of sleep is beneficial in reducing water weight. This is because sleeping activates your sympathetic renal nerves. In turn, the kidneys are able to easily regulate sodium and water balance. Sleeping is also an ideal way of immediately flushing out any toxins in your body.

3. Water

While it maybe surprising, make sure you're drinking enough water as well. This is because if you are well-hydrated, the fluids are less likely to stay for long in your body. Try as much to drink at least 8 to 12 cups per day. In fact, doctors that over or under consumption of any fluid is likely to increase your water weight.

4. Carbohydrates

This should be another important part of changing your diet majorly. Carbohydrates contain insulin and glycogen, both if are strong attractors of excess water. Thus, try to avoid having a higher percentage of carbohydrates in your diet.

5. Diuretics

Diuretics are are primarily effective in reducing water weight. You can find these in supplements for caffeine like coffee or tea, If consumed in a moderate amount, water weight is very easily reduced.

6. Lifestyle

LIfestyle is also one of the most easiest and effective ways of reducing water weight. Avoid sitting all day, especially for long periods of time. It can reduce your blood circulation and slow down the water flushing out of your body. Physical activity can improve this problem and help you sweat out excess water. This is why simple exercising is important like walking, stretching or yoga.

Sometimes, even medications can cause water retention. Consulting with your doctor or medical practitioner is best to get some form of treatment or solution! 

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