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Walking For Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

walking for weight loss

Walking for weight loss is the easiest way of losing those extra pounds. It has been scientifically proven that walking scores higher than other exercises in the long run. The rigorous training in the gym or the starving diet may help you lose weight. But it is neither healthy nor is it supported by any health experts. So walking is superior. Therefore, instead of undergoing through rigorous weightlifting and training in gyms, try walking for weight loss. Read on to learn how does walking help in weight loss.

Table Of Content:

‣ How To Lose Weight By Walking

‣ Benefits Of Walking For Weight Loss

‣ How Many Calories Can You Burn By Walking

‣ How Much Should You Walk For Losing Weight

‣ What Should Be Your Schedule Of Walking For Weight Loss

‣ How To Prepare Yourself For Walking

‣ Safety Measures To Take While Walking For Weight Loss

Yes, walking is beneficial for your weight loss programme. The many advantages of walking like easily accessible to all, low risk, free physical activity and the best is, it is one of the easiest forms of exercise that you can do it daily. Walking is a moderate-intensity form of exercise.

In this article, we will explore some of the many benefits of walking accompanied the best way.

How To Lose Weight By Walking

walking for weight loss

So the big question is that how can you lose weight simply by walking? Does walking help in losing weight? Again a very big question. Yes, it does plus a lot more. But before, we have to keep certain points in mind like :

‣ Foods: Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is highly recommended. At least two servings of fruits per day should be eaten either raw, baked, grilled or boiled. Smoothies after or before the walk are beneficial as compared to juices. Drinking a glass of milk is good for its calcium content. You can include non-flavoured, low-calorie yogurt in your diet. The calcium content help in strengthening the bones. Tea without milk and sugar is good for your health. Both green tea and black tea is good. They help in flushing out the toxins. The less the toxins in the body the more strength and immunity in your body.

Alcohol should be avoided for weight loss programmes. As it is broken into sugar which is stored as fat.

‣ Calorie count: Keeping a record of your calories burnt as to calorie intake helps in tracking your goal. Exercising or walking without keeping a record of your diet will not help you achieve your target. A balanced diet with less calorie intake together with walking or any other form of exercise will help you lose weight. There are numerous apps to help you achieve your target.

‣ Walking speed: Start walking at a slow or medium speed according to your health. After a week or two as you feel comfortable start with fast or brisk walking. You can start with 20-30 minutes per day. Increase it to an hour a week. By following the above pattern your body will get adapted to walking.

‣ Walking interval: Some health experts recommend changing the speed of your walk preferably after every minute. You can start with slow to medium speed for around 45-50 seconds. Then increase your speed and walk for a minute. Repeat this cycle as to your health requirement.

This gives the body time to prepare for fast or speed walk and also helps it to cool down after fast pace walking without actually stopping. It also keeps your brain working without getting bored.

‣ Sleep well: Health experts recommend minimum 7-8 hours per day of sleep. It helps you to stay active and fresh for your next day walk.

‣ Toning: Walking helps in toning the muscles and preventing the loss of muscles occurring due to weight loss. It also reduces the drop in metabolic rate occurring due to weight loss. Walking maintains your muscle strength which replenishes through age.

Benefits Of Walking For Weight Loss

walking for weight loss

There are innumerable advantages of walking for weight loss. It is easily available and is usually advised through all stages of life. Some of the other benefits are:

‣ Calorie burner: We need energy for the functioning of our body like breathing, talking, walking, thinking and others. This energy is measured in calories. The daily calorie requirement of all of us varies according to our activities, weight, genes and sex.

The intake of calories should always be less than what we consume or burn it. People who are physically active easily burn their calories. But a large part of our population maintains a sedentary lifestyle. This result in weight gain and other health-related problems.

So exercise like walking burns these extra calories. If you walk around one and a half kilometre you burn around 100 calories depending upon your weight and sex. So walking 5 kilometres a day benefits more. In fact, the number of calories burnt is directly proportional to speed and distance covered during walking.

‣ Burns belly fat: Men with a waist more than 40 inches (102cm) and women with a waist more than 35 inches (88cm) is considered as abdominal obesity. They are considered to be more prone to diseases like heart and diabetes type 2.

The most effective way to lose belly fat is walking. One study observed obese women walking for 50-70 minutes three times per week for 12 weeks reduced their waistline by 2.8 cm (1.1 inches) and 1.5% of body fat. A similar study on calorie control individual walking for an hour five times a week for 12 weeks lost 3.7cm (1.5 inches) and 1.3% body fat as compared to an individual on an only restricted diet.

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walking for weight loss

‣ Best form of workout: Walking is the most economical way to be physically fit. It is the most popular way and is eco-friendly too. Walking freshens up your mind and is best done outdoors. It can also be done indoors like in treadmill.

‣ Mood booster: Physical activities decreases stress, anxiety, and depression. Exercise like walking makes your brain sensitive to hormones- serotonin and norepinephrine. These hormones release endorphins making you feel happier and removes depression.

‣ Energy stimulator: The blood circulation in your body and metabolic activity is stimulated by walking. Brisk walking is said to regulate cholesterol level, blood pressure, perks up mood and energy level.

‣ Stimulates function of brain and memory: The happy hormones dopamine and serotonin boost your confidence making you

active. It also increases your memory.

‣ Reduce the risk of disease: Regular walking increases bone density, reduces bone-related diseases like osteoporosis, breast and colon cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

‣ Muscle strength: Walking regularly strengthen the leg muscles hamstring and quadriceps.

How Many Calories Can You Burn By Walking

walking for weight loss

‣ The amount of calories you burn by walking depends on your weight and distance you walk. A thumb rule is that around 100 calories per mile are burnt for 180 pounds and 65 calories per mile are burnt for a 120-pound person.

‣ When walking at a normal pace like walking your dog a 100 lbs person will burn 53 calories walking at a pace of 10-14 minutes per kilometre.

‣ Walking at a speed of 15 minutes per mile or 9 minutes per km is brisk walking. So the 100 lbs person will burn 57 calories at a pace of 15 minutes per mile.

‣ The benefit of walking faster is that you can walk more at the same time that is 10-14 minutes. This means it will burn more calories.

As to how many steps to walk a day for a normal person is 10,000 steps. But for weight loss programmes it can be increased to achieve your goal.

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How Much Should You Walk For Losing Weight

Health experts recommend brisk walking to lose weight. Brisk walking for 30-90 minutes on most weekdays or total time be at least 2.5 hours (150 minutes) is required for weight loss.

Walking should be fast to make you breathe harder than normal. You can speak full sentences but cannot sing. You can measure your heart rate from heart rate monitors, fitness bands or apps.

As a beginner, start with shorter period gradually increasing your time. Do not skip more than a day. Adhere to your goal of burning calories and improve metabolism. Instead of how many kilometres to walk to lose weight.

By brisk walking you burn 100- 300 calories in 30 minutes or 200-600 calories in an hour depending upon your weight and sex. The first 30 minutes of exercise your body is burning sugar stored as fuel. These are used up after 30 minutes. To keep on functioning your body releases fat from fat cells and burns it as fuel. This fat is the extra fat that you want to shed. So try building up walking ability for more than 30 minutes at a time.

What Should Be Your Schedule Of Walking For Weight Loss

Walking to lose weight chart or schedule is essential to help you in preparing yourself mentally and physically for the walk. The schedule should provide a balance amount of strength exercise and moderate intensity exercise. It should be at least 150 minutes for health and fitness. But more is certainly better for weight loss.

There are different types of workouts like the short walking and the very short walking workouts or the long walking and long easy walking workouts. A combination of these can be used for achieving your goal.

A short walking is where you warm up with ease for 3-5 minutes. Then you brisk walk for 30 minutes. This is followed by an easy walk for 3-5 minutes and gentle stretch after the walk.

A very short walking is when you do not have time for one stretch. Aim for either two to four 15 minutes walk making your brisk walking at least 30 minutes. It requires warming up for 1-3minutes followed by brisk walking for minimum ten minutes and then slowing down your speed for 1-3 minutes.

A long walking is warming for 5 minutes at an easy speed. Walking briskly for 60 minutes and then slowing down at easy speed for last 5 minutes.

The long easy walking is warming up for 5 minutes at an easy speed. Brisk walking for 30 minutes and then slowing down your speed for 30- 90 minutes.

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How To Prepare Yourself For Walking

walking for weight loss

Walking is the best form of medium-intensity exercise. With its many benefits and combined with a balanced diet you can achieve your weight loss goal. Certain points have to be considered before starting:

1. Preparation: Before beginning your walking routine consult your physician. Buy walking shoes that comfortably fits you and other necessary gears like a sports watch.

2. Technique: Health experts recommend good posture goes a long way in helping you achieve your goal. So does arm and foot motion, walking stride.

3. Schedule: Plan out how long to walk, how often and fast to walk. Combine different types of walk building your 30-60 minutes per day level.

4. Motivation: Make your walking schedule interesting. Any physical activity has to be interesting to become your habit.

Health experts advise medical check-up before beginning your walking programme only in the following conditions:

‣ Following a sedentary lifestyle for over a year or more.

‣ Over 65 years of age.

‣ Diagnosed with ailments like chest pain, heart trouble, high blood pressure, diabetes and other medical complications.

‣ Pregnant.

‣ Feel faint or dizzy spells.

‣ Other medical complications. 

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Safety Measures To Take While Walking For Weight Loss


walking for weight loss

‣ As the old saying goes better to start early than to be late. Starting early morning makes the body energized and improves blood circulation. This can be said as the best time for walking to lose weight.

‣ Keeping your body hydrated is important. Before starting and five minutes after you complete your walk drink water. Natural juices without any preservatives and additives boost the metabolic process burning the calories.

‣ But drinking water while brisk walking is not recommended. It is not advisable for the respiratory system.

‣ Walking after a meal does not aid in digestion and is not advisable. It affects the digestive juices and the breakdown of food.


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