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Wait! Is your baby ready for cow’s milk? – Part 2

As a mother, you always make sure to give the best to your baby. But do you know that giving cow’s milk to your baby before the age of 1 can affect her brain growth?

Though good in many ways, cow’s milk has lower quantities of 3 nutrients (DHA, Iron, and Lactose) that are important for her brain growth and development

Read on to know why you should wait before your baby is ready for cow’s milk.

The last 3 months of your pregnancy and the first 2 years of your baby’s life are the most important ones for her brain development. When your baby is born, her brain volume is approx. 25% of its adult size. And by the time she is 2 yrs., 80% of her brain growth is complete. That is why, during these growing years, she needs the right type of nutrients and in right levels

Let’s see how the lower quantities of nutrients like DHA, Iron, and Lactose can affect her brain growth and development.

Role of DHA:

DHA is the most important fatty acid for your baby’s brain growth and development. It improves her IQ, helps in vision development, learning, and memory. In short, DHA makes your baby smarter

DHA in cow’s milk

Cow’s milk has lesser amounts of essential fatty acids which may affect her brain growth and development. Studies say that cow’s milk has 30 times less DHA as compared to breast milk!

Role of Iron

Iron is one of the most important micronutrients that your baby needs. It helps in many processes of central nervous system (CNS) that can affect her language and motor skills.

Iron in cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is a poor source of iron. Its regular intake can increase the risk of Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) by 39%. IDA also impacts a baby’s learning ability and development of nervous system. Babies with IDA show 5 to 10 lower IQ points.

Role of Lactose:

Lactose is a sugar present in milk. It plays an important role in your baby’s overall health and development. Its most important role is in the development of central nervous system (CNS)

Lactose in cow’s milk

Cow’s milk has almost half the quantity of lactose as compared to breast milk.

Now you know that right amounts of nutrients like DHA, Iron and Lactose are very important for your baby’s brain growth and development. And it may be difficult to believe but cow’s milk has these nutrients in lower amounts.

So, mom, wait and give her cow’s milk only after she turns one year of age. 

Disclaimer- All the information provided in the blog is for reference purposes only. Please do not consider this as a medical advice. Start Healthy Stay Healthy programme is for educational purposes only, in partnership with doctors. Always consult a doctor if you have any questions related to your own health or the health of your child.

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