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(Video) Watch How Your Belly Grows During Pregnancy


When the first positive test is in your hand, the anxiety and excitement will probably make you shake in happiness. Pregnancy is a time of cherishing and love. Right from your first ultrasound, morning sickness and kick to making sure that your nutrition is always up to the safety mark. In fact, just the very presence and movement of your baby is enjoyable - always bringing a smile to your face.   

Your initial one month is of gestation and growth. The little one is just a mass of cells: as little as a pea, but equally important right from the start. By the time you finish your two months, your baby is slightly bigger than a kidney bean and has started to move. Your baby is about 7 to 8 centimeters long by three months and their fingerprints are developed.


The belly will steadily start increasing as your baby is growing longer, By four months, your baby is 13 centimeters long with skeletal bones from the initial rubbery cartilage. Eyebrows and eyelids are in place by 5 months, with your baby now more than 27 centimeters long. As you finish your six months, your baby will weigh about a 660g. Marking your 7 months completion, your baby is 40cm long. Also, your can open and close their eyes to see what's around them. This increases not only your belly size but also how much movement you feel every month as you near your due date. Finally entering your eight months, you little one weighs about 2.2 kg with swift fat and lung development.  

In all of these nine months of experiencing a wonderful pregnancy - you might experience a tumultion of events. You will have incredibly fast mood swings, frequent urination, increased vaginal discharge, backache, itchy skin and pelvic pressure. You may feel big, tired, impatient, fidgety sitting or lying down. In the end, nothing feels comfortable. Some women, on the other hard, experience a surge in energy - preparing for the birth. Pregnancy as a whole, though, is a completely life changing experience regardless of the little struggles you have.

As your due date nears, the excitement starts to build up. You will be asked to monitor your contractions with your doctor’s assistance. There are labour tips and assistance that get you ready for delivery day. 

On the final day, your baby is finally in your arms - and it is as wonderful a feeling of joy and love when you were carrying your little one!


Want to see a lovely glimpse of the 9 months your little one takes to grows during your pregnancy? Watch the video down below!

 Courtesy: Youtube (Sheryn Binks)

Which stage are you on? Comment and share with other mommies the joys of pregnancy! 

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