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(Video) This Father's Day: Dads Who Are Championing Parenting


Parenthood is wonderful and important with both the parents. Mums and dads have their own sets of unique benefits that they together decide to nurture their child with. Both mums and dads should be celebrated for all the love, struggles and sacrifices that parenting brings in their life.

Father’s day is right around the corner, and we should celebrate them equally as we did with mums. They are also invested in your little one’s life and care. Sometimes mommy is too tired or not available due to work. Their involvement includes staying up late, feeding, walks, strolls, burping, quietening down crying jags. In the end, parents and children care as well as provide for each other in some way or another!


This Father’s day let’s commemorate, championing dads who have parenting totally figured out. Like mommies, dads too know when to hit the dance floor with the kids. It could be something very serious or something hilariously simple that you may end up doing anywhere. Maybe the garden, park, pavement or even the bathroom! Dad’s have an equal influence on making the little ones feel confident and freely show their talents. Mommies could be a little held up with work or chores. So, dad’s are the ultimate parent to continue parenting in your absence.

On a cold and dull morning, dads are the warm cuddles, bringing strength and support to the little ones. Maybe it has been a long day at work for you and you feel that you need some rest. Dads come out as the saviours - helping out with putting the little ones to sleep in a jiffy. What’s more, parenting is so different with the two - kids love the variety that they get. There is a mixture of care and fun that is brilliantly taken care by both parents - something that should be celebrated EVERYDAY!


Is it time for school and mum has stepped out for an emergency? Dads are champions here as well. While their methods are maybe unconventional - but they do it best in their own amazing ways. After all, their little one is the most important for any parent and you try your best to it your all.

When the little ones are crying and mommies are just tired with figuring out solutions - dad’s are the perfect clowns and goof around best to make the situation lively. Be it a broken glass, scraped knee or an insect bite - these champions know just how to change their mood.


Sometimes the little ones cannot wait for the amazing gifts dads bring from a trip abroad or on a special occasion after work. If they are the apple in their dad’s eye - they are mischievous enough to get all their dreams and wishes!

Then, come the perfect night-time ritual no one can beat. While mums have their special way, dad’s also bring their own ideas into the mix. Sometimes the little ones need a toneless tune or a simple stroll in the arms of a warm body - dads come to the rescue here as well!


Dad’s have so many new tricks that babies are dying to learn. With dads, it is a humorous relationship of giving and taking those luxuries. There is the simple noise that excites the little one or the dad’s looks that just make babies fascinated with all the hair/beard - dads are surely a curiosity that kids love figuring out!

Want to have a heartful laugh about dads who are slaying parenting?! Watch an amazing video below with 9 dads bringing pride to father’s day!

Courtesy: Youtube (America’s Funniest Videos and Kyoot)

Dad’s are ultimately a part of a parenting equation who only have undeniable and unconditional love for their children. Which dad do you think is relatable in your family ladies? Comment and share with each other! 

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