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(Video) The Ultimate Way To Eat Ice-Cream


Kids are literally a breath of fresh air in any parent's lide. When you see your child growing, you must be remembering your own childhood. Right from the games, expressions and talk to the way they think - everything is creatively different. With kids, there is a whole lot of fun, excitement, energy, round the clock struggles but adorable love in the end. At the same time, you also realise that they teach you a lot as well. It could be something serious like honesty or humility - or it could be something simple like you need to laugh and calm yourself on a hectic day.

Mother’s may have passed and father’s day is coming up, but everyday is a day to celebrate childhood and parenting. It's time to forget about responsibilities for a while and get out for a parent-child outing. Interestingly, your little one might have some interesting steps to eat their ice cream though. Watch the video below to have a relatable laughter ahead for the coming evening continuously!

Courtesy: Youtube (Buzzfeed and America's Funniest Videos)

Does your little have a different way of eating their ice cream? Are there any that are making you laugh out loud? Share with each other and humour yourselves for a while after a hectic day! 

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