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(Video) From The Eyes of A Child: How Babies Are Made?

The minds of little ones are so simple yet extraordinary at the same time. May it be mathematics, the environment or even simple story - children look at each and everything differently.

Right from the time when your child can start understanding and talking - you just want to teach and know everything from them. What is it that they think about the house they live in? What is their favourite cartoon, dishm coulor or animal? Do they like to play a lot? What is their favourite game? Which parent is their favourite? In fact, you just want to spend all day listening to what they are thinking about regardless of whether you think they make sense with their babble language! 

Every mother has surely gone through these moments - one of them being things about their own birth. How will parents fall in love? How do they marry or why do they tie the knot? How were you born? How were they born? How are babies made in general? While most of these might be difficult or uncomfortable to answer, experiencing this makes your cognitive bond stronger with your child. Not only will you know what they are thinking, but they will also learn how to takes cues and understand somebody else. In addition and as time passes with their growth - they will start to understand that there can be different versions of exmplaining or understanding things according to what is the truth around them at that point. 

Want to know how babies are REALLY made? Watch the video below and get your eyes opened from an adorable little girl's logic!

Courtesy: Youtube

What is your child's 'how babies are made' story?! 

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