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(Video) Babies Always Prefer Moms Over Dads

When you bring a little baby home - your life is wonderfully changed. Even though there are some struggles like sleepless nights, changing diapers and picky feeding - babies are the joy and excitement in your life that you have ever experienced. 

Having a baby home is also a chance to laugh as heartily as possible. While you always want to keep protecting them and keep them safe - humour with your little helps even forget a long day at work. There is a time when your little one eats ice cream for the first time or tastes their first lemon. The times when they start walking a little but still cannot blance themselves. The times when they start talking and cannot get the words right in the first try.

Everything is so hilarious that you always want to record these moments. Some parents keep them in their minds and memories while some prefer a diary/video/social media. Expression in babies is so fascinatingly funny that you will want to know or be there in every moment that occurs. Your baby's first laugh, first cry, first recognition of things around - and many more firsts is something any parent always looks forward to.

Even more exciting and funny is when your baby starts picking favourites. Usually today, primary caregivers are not only mothers but fathers as well. Babies can see either one of them or both as their closest caregiver. Even then, baby's do have a knack to gravitate towards their mothers. The obvious reasons include that she is - most of the time - caring, feeding and nursing the child. On one side, this responsibility is being shared by parents today - on the other hand, moms are still considered number one because they are the baby's literal 9 month parnter!

Watch how this baby is claiming his favourite parent in the most adorable way!

Courtesy: Youtube

Who does your baby prefer ladies?! 

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