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(Video) An ULTIMATE Father's Day Special Dedication


Father’s day is finally here and we are sure you cannot wait to celebrate today. Today is not only to celebrate fathers, but also to celebrate parenthood and your little one’s childhood.

Parents do anything for their kids no matter what. Both moms and dads have their own special and unique sets that they provide for the wellbeing of their children. In fact, everyday should celebrate parenthood and the things parents do to keep their little ones happy.

Fathers an equally wonderful lot, ready to provide everything. They carry your child in the fair so that they can see clearly. When it might be time to go for an important event and it might be raining - they might just carry your kid to make sure they reach on time. They play running and catch or hide and seek - anything that your little one’s heart desires.

Dads are seen as the other half of championed parenting with mommies. While they may have office, they make sure that they are taking out the kids as much as possible. Fathers are the other part of the parenting equation who are understanding, provide a stronghold and share work with mommies.

Fathers also give a lot and sacrifice to the best of their abilities. At the same time, they make sure they teach your child and give them memories of learning rewards that any child should always be gifted with. They are the first hero before any of those cartoon characters came in your little one’s life. They give a complete tutorial of how anything works - teaching and answering any question that your child has no matter how simple.

Daddies are always holding on and never let go, making sure that your child gets all the enjoyment the need. They dance, make noises or do anything just make your child laugh out to their heart’s delight. They are the other equation of safety and security, cheering on you little tots no matter what. They are the other parent helping your child have their first bicycle or cricket experience. They are always understanding and caring.

Parenting is not easy sometimes, but fathers form the balance in the equation with mommies - helping out in their own way. 

So, this father's day - smile like you've never before. Watch the video below and relate to all the experiences of parenting little tots - from the struggles to the amazing experiences!

 Courtesy: Youtube (Big Daddy) 

What are you doing this father's day ladies?! 

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