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(Video) - How Is A Cesarean-Section Done?

There’s a lot of fear among moms when it comes to C-section/Cesarean. You might read about the precautions one should take or how to avoid it altogether but do you know how it’s done. Whether it’s a planned C-section or an emergency one, the procedure is almost the same (with exceptions in cases of complications).

1. You will first be explained by your doctor about the C-section procedure and then you’ll have to sign a consent form.

2. An anesthesiologist will then give an epidural or spinal block to numb the lower half of your body but you’ll still be awake during the birth of your baby.

3. During the procedure, an IV is started to administer fluids and medications. A catheter is also inserted into the urethra to drain urine.

4. A screen will be raised above your waist so that you're not a witness to the surgery. You can even request for a clear screen if you wish to see your baby being born.

5. Once you are completely under the influence of the anaesthesia, antiseptic will be applied on your belly before making an incision just above the pubic bone.

6. The doctor will then make her way to the uterus underneath by separating the tissues and abdominal muscles.

7. A horizontal cut is made in the lower section of the uterus. In some cases, it could also be a vertical cut.

8. The baby is then reached for and pulled out and the cord is cut. A brief examination of the baby is done to check if everything is alright.

9. The doctor will then proceed to deliver your placenta and start stitching you up.

10. The baby is then given to hold in your arms.

11. The stitches that are used to close you up are usually dissolved with time.

12. After the surgery is completely done, you’ll be taken away from the operation theatre to a recovery room where both you and your baby will be closely monitored. This is usually the time when you can try breastfeeding your baby. You can expect to stay at the hospital for a minimum of 3 days. 

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