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The thing about Valentine’s Day is that when you’ve been married long enough, you tend to feel like it’s not meant for you anymore; it’s meant for all the youngsters and new relationships and people who are still in their honeymoon phase. THINK AGAIN. Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate the love you and your partner share, no matter your age or how many children you have. Sometimes, you may feel like the fire of the relationship is gone, but all you really need is one little spark to reignite it. Here are a few ideas that might help you reignite that fire.


This one’s for the couples out there who can’t stand the thought of leaving their kids alone or getting them a babysitter while they go out. Who says you need to go out to have fun? You can have your own little romantic date in the comfort of your own home in a way the whole family can enjoy. Many couples have said that cooking together has helped them bond and been a productive way to spend time together. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You could cook a simple dinner for yourselves and your kids, or you could bake some confectionery to distribute (or keep for yourselves). The possibilities are endless this sweet and spicy Valentine’s Day.

2.Coupon Book:

If you’re looking for a cheap yet fun way to woo your partner, you may find this idea interesting. In addition to that, it may also appeal to the child that’s in all of us. This Valentine’s Day, gift your better half a handmade redeemable coupon book. Fill it with coupons that your partner can redeem which entails you doing something for them or the both of you doing something together. For example, you could have coupons for a free back massage, or a movie date, or some romantic alone time together. The best part is, you can choose whether it’s valid for a day, a week, a month, a year, or indefinitely.

3.Nature Lovin’:

Sick of being at home or at office? This Valentine’s Day, why not plan an outdoor day. Take the day off with your SO and get in touch with nature again. Go for a trek or a walk in the park or spend the night camping. The peace and quiet that nature provides is a wonderful opportunity to be able to focus all your attention on each other without interruptions from kids, parents, or bosses. The great view only adds to the feel. Added bonus - it works for those of you who want a kid-free day, as well as for those who’d prefer to have their kids around.


When it comes to expressing love, nothing does it better than words that describe the way you feel. Sometimes, the best thing to do isn’t to go fancy or go bold. You don’t need to look outside of yourself for something to give the person you love. It’s all in those little things you feel but that are left unsaid. Make a scrapbook with all the memories, thoughts, pictures, and words that you want to share with your SO and which you want to treasure forever. It might make your partner feel more loved than any date or gift might.

5.Spa Day:

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with the spa. A day of pampering for the both of you; who could ask for anything better? Take your SO to lift their mood and yours. A whole day of couples massages and pedicures and you’ll both be ready to take on the world. Sit back, relax, and don’t think about work or kids or responsibilities. You’ve earned this day.

6.Time for Class!

No no, don’t get flashbacks of school and college; we’re talking about some fun classes like dance or yoga or even a cooking class. These classes can be a fun way to spend time together and learn something new. Spend time together doing something you’ve never done before. It can be fun and exciting and it’ll keep you interested.


Last, but not the least, if you can’t get the day off but you still want to celebrate, why not do a dinner date? The best part about this one is that it’s versatile. You could do dinner at home, or outside, with kids, or without. It can go any way you want it to go. If you’re looking to add a little class to your day, why not go out to a fancy restaurant? If you want something more laid back, how about a campfire in your backyard. My personal favourite, if you feel like vegging out, some pizza home delivered and a nice movie to go with it.

Valentine’s Day can be anything you want it to be! Don’t limit yourself because of expectations. Keep the fighting aside and celebrate your love the way it was meant to be celebrated.

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