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Vaginal Infection: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Vaginal infection or vaginitis is a common problem that many women face. It could be a bacterial or a yeast infection. Whatever the variety, one thing is for sure - it’s hella uncomfortable. If you are someone who’s had vaginitis then you know the effort it takes to get rid of it. Here are the causes, symptoms and the treatment for vaginal infection.


A vagina has a healthy balance of bacteria and yeast, and when this balance is disturbed, an infection occurs. This can be due to vaginal douches, hormonal changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding or antibiotics. A few lifestyle habits such as lack of sleep, stress or consumption of sugary foods constantly are also contributing factors.

Chemicals that are present in soaps and clothing can also irritate the sensitive skin down there.


1. Itching, burning or swelling in the vaginal area (inside and outside the vagina).

2. Burning sensation during peeing or while having sex.

3. The vaginal area feels sore and there are noticeable rashes.

4. The colour, smell or the texture of your vaginal discharge is different.


It is very important to diagnose vaginitis properly before it is treated. Keep an eye out for the symptoms that are mentioned above and even if you notice a slight difference in your vaginal discharge, then talk to your doctor about it. Look back at what you’ve been doing differently - did you change the kind of underwear you used to wear? Are you not drinking enough water?

Before going to get tested, it’s best to avoid having sex for 2 days beforehand. Also, don’t overwash your privates in hopes to get any sort of bacteria off. It’ll change the results of the test and the treatment will also change accordingly.

Over-the-counter medicines are best avoided; prescription pills are the way to go. Make sure to follow through with the course of treatment even if you feel like you are completely cured off it.

It’s essential that you maintain good intimate hygiene to make sure that you don’t get the vaginal infection again. Avoid moisture retaining, tight clothes especially in summers.

A gynecological exam (with pap smear preferably) is a must every year even if you don’t notice any troubling symptoms. 

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