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Vaginal Bleeding After Delivery: What To Expect

After giving birth to your little life, you will have a lot to look forward to. Watching your baby grow up and making them smile are some of the little joys and perks of being a mother. Before you get going though, you have to allow your body to recover from the delivery. This way you will have enough energy to run after your baby and get things done.

Every mother has a different experience with their delivery. Most women bleed after giving birth. This is perfectly normal and can last for up to six weeks after delivery. This blood loss is from the uterus and will stop once the lining of the uterus repairs itself. Throughout this period, the colour of the blood will vary. To give you a clear idea about this blood loss postpartum, here is a timeline of what you can expect in those six weeks of bleeding:

1. Day 1 Postpartum

In the first 24 hours after delivery is when you will experience the heaviest bleeding. The colour of your blood will be a bright red and you may have to change pads every hour. You may even pass some blood clots that are the the size of a tomato or a small orange or even several small ones in the shape of a grape.

2. Day 2 - Day 6 Postpartum

After the first day, the blood flow should slow down a bit. The colour will die down to a dark brown or pinkish-red instead of the bright red colour. This means that the blood that comes out is just the remaining clotted blood or old blood and that you have stopped bleeding as such. You may continue to pass a few small pea-size clots of blood.

3. Day 7 - Day 10 Postpartum

The blood flow will be much lighter in colour now - a light pinkish or brownish red. The bleeding may increase depending on your activity levels, say after breastfeeding or climbing the stairs. You won’t stain your pads as much but you should change them frequently anyway to maintain hygiene.

4. Day 11 - Day 14 Postpartum

The blood will come out along with regular vaginal discharge. The colour will start to fade away, with a brownish colour. The amount of bleeding will have reduced significantly since the first week of bleeding.

5. Week 3 - Week 4 Postpartum

The blood loss now would be negligible. You would have maybe a few streaks of blood along with a cream coloured discharge. This is perfectly healthy and normal. For some women, the bleeding may have stopped either now or during the second week.

6. Week 5 - Week 6 Postpartum

The bleeding would have stopped by now, leave for a bit of brown, red or yellow spotting. This is perfectly normal. It should go away completely after the sixth week.

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