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VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section): What You Need To Know

This blog was originally written by Jiya B. Check her work here

Expecting a baby is an experience of its own kind. A woman has to undergo many emotional, physical, psychological and medical ups and downs to enjoy the beautiful side of motherhood. Every mother-to-be takes extensive care of herself just to keep her baby healthy and safe.

Although there’s a constant battle in every mom’s mind when it comes to choosing the method of delivery, cesarean has become one of the most common method of giving birth these days. Did you know that you can have a normal delivery even after having your first child through a caesarean? It is through a process called VBAC- Vaginal Birth After C-Section.

What is VBAC?

If a woman has delivered via C-section for the first time, she can still have a vaginal delivery the second time. Although cesarean delivery is done due to some complication arising during pregnancy, most of these complications are rectified once the baby is born. Hence, if you do not have any complications during your second delivery and your doctor agrees then you can opt for vaginal delivery even after cesarean.

When can you opt for VBAC?

A common myth prevails that if your first delivery was C-Section then your next delivery will also be the same. However, this is not true. There might be several medical reason you deliver via C-section like:

- The baby is in a breech position

- Placenta covering the cervix

- Baby's pulse rate going down

- The baby is oversized

- Mother's health not supporting

- Umbilical cord stuck around the neck area.

- Women who have low on placenta in her first delivery

A lot of these reasons are not related to the second pregnancy and hence you can easily have a normal delivery.

How to go about a VBAC?

If you are going to take this step you need the help of an expert gynaecologist and the best medical service. Your Hospital plays an important role to meet your urgent medical needs. Thus, while choosing a hospital, 24x7 care, expert doctors and best of facilities are what you should be on the lookout for. Not all the Hospitals allow or hold much expertise in VBAC.

What Birthright can offer you?

At Birthright, a team of experienced caregivers will provide the best of care from planning to conception to delivery and they ensure complete care for you and your baby. As the Prenatal phase begins, a mom can reap the benefit of various services including antenatal classes conducted by an expert childbirth educator, fetal medicine and ultrasound services for monitoring the health of the unborn baby. The outpatient department for your check-ups is backed by a full range of laboratory services. You can cherish each memory from the first scan to the first kick and from the first doctor’s visit to the sound of your baby’s first cry.

Why should you opt for Birthright of Rainbow Hospital for VBAC?

It is quite challenging to find the right place to give birth via VBAC. But thankfully, Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital in New Delhi allows VBAC with world-class facilities and expertise.

At Birthright, a team of experts constantly works with you in order to give the best care and an experienced team is always ready to deal with any kind of medical emergency.

Birthright moves in a direction to emphasise on the safety and quality to make childbirth comfortable for you. They also provide the world-class service to make the birthing experience memorable and fulfilling one for the parents. It also aims to provide you with the state of art Birthing Center which has 2 fully equipped birthing suites, a pre-labour waiting area, and a post-natal observation bay. The hospital’s most prominent aspect is VBAC and the 24x7 care given to moms and babies.

Rainbow Hospital’s vision is to achieve the maximum number of Normal Deliveries. They audit C- section rates and records by constantly working through interdepartmental ways, working on the statistics, feedbacks and health records in order to reduce the number of C-Section deliveries.

If you are planning a VBAC you must consult the team at Rainbow Hospitals to make sure you have a healthy and safe delivery.


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