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Everybody loves a vagina, there’s nothing bad about it. Every woman has a unique vagina and factually, each vagina is as unique as a fingerprint. No two vaginas look alike or have the same kind of an aura or a scent. Vaginas are beautiful in their own ways and they are further glorified as that’s where babies come into the world.

From the universe within you, a life grows and you create that pathway for them to experience and see the world. What better ways to salute your body than empowering your fresh minds about some fun facts!        

1.Clitoris is the undersized penis

Did you know your clitoris has the glans, prepuce, and frenulum which is exactly what’s the penis made up of. But it is a little more sensitive as it has 8000 nerve endings and the penis has only 4000. Now you must be having an ‘AHAA!’ moment because you know now why they call the clitoris the magic button.

2.Your pubes are NORMAL

Women have been always having mixed feelings about their pubic hair. Long, short, scanty or none, it doesn’t matter at all. Your pubes have a purpose of existence as they act as a barrier to buffer the friction caused during sex or while you’re just walking.

Shaving them might put you to a risk of acquiring an infection.

3. Your hymen is not a seal of your virginity

A common misconception of the hymen being like your purity ring has been told to us for generations together. The real reason women have a hymen is that once the embryo develops, the hymen develops into folds of tin mucous.

4.Vaginal orgasm is not everybody’s thing

Research has it, 25-35% women can achieve an orgasm through vaginal penetration. But for most women, vaginal orgasms can become a far fetched dream. But you can still try to get one by pushing your ‘magic button’ (remember?)

5. Vaginal lubrication comes from many places

The female prostate glands surrounding the vagina are responsible for the lubrication of your vagina. It occurs due to a process called ’transudation’.

6.If you find yourself aroused by mannequins

You have a condition called ‘Agalmatophilia’ if you find yourself attracted majorly by a plastic statue in a store!

7. Masturbation is divine

The man who invented Kellogg’s Corn Flakes was against masturbation because he believed in the policy “ a healthy lifestyle needs a healthy mind.” Seriously why would he do that!

8. Your vagina transforms after having a baby

The cervical opening can appear slightly different but it functions pretty much the same way it used to before you had a baby. Although it stretches like a rubber band during birthing it usually returns to its usual size soon.

9. Jeez!! Would you drink it?

In ancient China, drinking mercury or lead after making love was believed to stop unwanted pregnancy. Sadly, it only resulted in sterility or worse..death!

10. Money machine

Strippers earn more money when they’re ovulating because of the pheromones their body releases at that time. These pheromones are enough to wake the inner souls of the people watching them. 

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