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With a newborn baby in the house, you need to be prepared with a whole lot of bunch of supplies. First things first, you need to make sure you have all the newborn baby essentials and baby gear ready. You also need to make sure your house is actually ready to accommodate a tiny little being who is going to depend on you for each and everything. Don’t worry - we have got you covered. Here is a list of things to buy for your newborn:

Bath Time Essentials
Bath Towel
5 baby towels
Diaper Changing Essentials
Lots of Diapers
250-300 Diapers
Diaper Rash Cream
50 ml (2 tubes)
Baby Wipes
150 Wipes (5 Packets)
Baby Powder
100 gms (1 bottle)
Baby Clothing Essentials
4 pairs
5 pieces
Nursing Time Essentials
Nursing Wipes
150 Wipes (5 Packets)
Nipple Cream
20 gms (3 tubes)
Nursing Pads
24 Pads (2-3 packets)
Newborn Bedtime Essentials
Baby Mattress and Mattress Protector
1 Mattress, 2-3 Mattress Protectors
Other Things To Buy
Hand Sanitizers
50 ml (3 Bottles)

The table above has a rough estimate of how much of each item you would need in a month. Some of these products may last a little over a month as well. The quantity may vary for each baby so you can adjust the amount accordingly. Below, we have a brief description for each of these items and why you would need them.

Bath Time Essentials

baby bath essentials

1. Baby oil

Your baby’s soft skin is one of the many things you will love about your baby. However, giving a bath may strip your baby’s skin of sebum which is an oil produced by her body to keep her skin soft and supple. A 150ml bottle of baby oil would last for over a month. You can order your choice of baby oil here.

2. Baby bath towels/washcloths

To dry your baby after a bath, you will want a soft towel that is gentle on your baby’s skin. You can use it gently cleanse your baby’s skin during the bath. It will also come handy when your baby spits up. Since you would need a baby towel for so many things, it is a good idea to have at least 5 towels. They will last you a few months. Click here to buy a baby towel or a washcloth.

3. Baby wash

Regular soaps are too harsh for your baby’s skin. So buy a baby wash that is specially formulated to suit a baby’s sensitive skin. A 150ml bottle of baby wash would last a month. You can order one right now!

4. Baby shampoo

Babies don’t know that they have to close their eyes while taking a bath. That’s why baby shampoos have a much milder formulation so that it does not cause any eye irritation. A 100ml bottle of baby shampoo would last for more than a month. You can buy some by clicking right here.

5. Baby bath tub

A baby bathtub would make bath time a lot more convenient and safe. Want to buy one? Click here.

Diaper Changing Essentials

diaper changing essentials

1. Lots of diapers

Be prepared with a few packs of newborn baby size diapers. Your baby is going to go through about 8-10 diapers per day which means you would need 240-300 diapers per month. Want to buy them? Click right here!

2. Diaper rash cream

Diaper rashes due to sweat getting trapped between the diaper and a baby’s skin is quite common. So keep your baby protected by using a diaper rash cream. Two 50ml tubes of diaper rash cream should last for a month. Order them right here.

3. Baby wipes

To quickly freshen up your baby’s skin during the day, cleaning your baby after a diaper change and to wipe her face after a feeding, you will want to use a refreshing baby wipe. It makes cleaning up so much easier. Since you would need a lot of baby wipes, it makes sense to buy around 5 packs of baby wipes with 150 wipes each. This should cover you for a month. To order it now, click here.

4. Diaper pail

A diaper pail will come in handy to dispose the diapers properly and keep odors away. You would need to buy a diaper disposable bin as well as a few diaper bags to throw away the diapers. If you want to order a diaper pail right away, click right here.

5. Baby powder

After a diaper change, it is a good idea to groom your baby by dusting on some baby powder. The powder will keep her skin soft and smooth by absorbing any excess moisture after changing the diaper. A 100gm bottle of baby powder would last for more than a month. You can find your baby powder here.

6. Diaper bag

When you are heading out of the house, it is a good idea to carry a diaper bag containing all your diaper changing essentials. Just one sturdy diaper bag should be enough for a whole year. Get a diaper bag now! 

Baby Clothing Essentials

baby clothing essentials

1. Socks

Since newborns don’t know how to walk, it wouldn’t make sense to buy shoes for them. Socks will keep your baby’s feet warm, snug and protected and will be especially useful during the nights when it gets cold or when you step outside with your baby. If you buy 4 pairs of socks, you would have to wash them only once a week. To order them home, click here.

2. Baby onesies

Onesies are super easy to put on your baby. Cotton onesies are super soft and comfortable for your baby too. You can get 5 onesies in 5 different styles to dress your baby up when heading out. Any more would be too much for your little one as s/he will soon grow out of it. Get baby onesies here.

Nursing Time Essentials

nursing time essentials

1. Nursing wipes

After you are done nursing your baby, you would need to wipe off the excess milk from your nipples. Proper nursing hygiene is a must if you want to avoid infections. Since you are going to have a lot of feeding sessions, it is a good idea to keep as many nursing wipes as the baby wipes - 5 packs with 150 wipes each. Click here to order nursing wipes.

2. Nipple cream

Your nipples may get sore due after those frequent feeding sessions in the first few weeks. Keeping a nipple cream is hence a good idea for new moms. 3 tubes with 20ml each should be enough for a month. Order them here.

3. Nursing pads

Your breasts may leak some milk when you are not feeding your baby. To avoid staining your clothes, it is best to wear a disposable nursing pad in your bra. To purchase nursing pads, click here. You can buy 2-3 packs with 24 nursing pads each - this should be enough for a month.

4. Breast Pump

During the initial nursing period, you may not produce enough milk. Using a breast pump will help stimulate the milk flow. You can also store the expressed milk in a bottle so that your partner can take over the feeding once in a while. Interested in buying a breast pump? Click here. Just 1 breast pump should be enough - choose one based on your needs and milk flow.

Newborn Bedtime Essentials

1. Crib or bassinet

It is always better to have a separate crib or bassinet for your baby. If you want to keep your baby in the same room as you, you may want to opt for a bassinet. Click here to buy one. A crib occupies more space than a bassinet. You can opt for this if you have enough room to accommodate it. To order it now, click here.

2. Baby mattress and mattress protector

Along with the crib/bassinet that you buy for your baby, you need to buy a comfy mattress and mattress cover as well. For newborn babies, it is best to opt for cotton mattresses as they are natural and gentle on their skin. Click here to buy bedding for your baby. You would also want to buy 2-3 washable covers for the mattress as babies may wet the bed during the night. You can buy one here.

3. Baby blanket

Swaddling your baby will help him/her sleep peacefully. A nice, soft baby blanket will be perfect for swaddling your baby. It will also keep them warm while sleeping during those cold winter nights. To purchase a baby blanket, click here. It would be a good idea to keep 2 just in case your baby wets one of them.

4. Curtains

When it is nap time, it helps if you darken the room for your little one with the help of dark curtains. In the same way, you can also use curtains that allow some light into the room during the day when it is feeding time. To order curtains for your room, click here.

Other Things You May Want To Buy

other things you may need

1. Pacifiers

These can be introduced once the baby is 3-4 weeks old and a proper feeding routine is set. It can also help with teething pains later on. Just make sure your baby doesn’t become dependent on the pacifier. Also, make sure to replace the pacifier every few months. Want to buy one? Click here.

2. Baby book/diary

As a new mum, you may want to capture every special moment that happens. Pictures don’t capture the entire experience. Writing it all down in a baby diary will come handy especially when you want to narrate your story to your baby when they grow up! Get your baby diary right here.

3. Hand sanitizer bottles

When people ask to hold your baby, you may suddenly feel extra protective about your baby. Where have their hands been? Are they germ-free? It would seem rude not to let them hold your baby, right? So for those times, carry a tiny hand sanitiser bottle everywhere you go. Buy them here. Three 50ml bottles of hand sanitizer should last for the entire month.

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