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Ultimate Baby Checklist (3-6 months)

Your baby’s requirements change as he graduates from the newborn phase to the transitional 3-6 months phase. You need to make sure you are prepared with everything you and your baby will need during that period. Here we have prepared an ultimate baby checklist that includes everything a baby of 3-6 months will need.

Bath Time Essentials
Bath Towel
5 Baby Towels
Baby Wash
150ml (1 Bottle)
Baby Shampoo
100ml (1 Bottle)
Diaper Changing Essentials
240-300 Diapers
Diaper Rash Cream
50ml (2 Tubes)
Baby Wipes
150 Wipes (5 Packets)
Baby Powder
100g (1 Bottle)
Baby Clothing Essentials
4 Pairs
Nursing Time Essentials
Nursing Wipes
150 Wipes (5 Packets)
Nipple Cream
20g (3 Tubes)
Nursing Pads
24 Pads (2-3 Packs)
Baby Toys And Accessories
Baby Gears
Bedtime Essentials
A. Bath Time Essentials

A1. Baby Oil:

A good baby oil massage not only benefits your baby’s skin by keeping it soft and supple but also helps in muscle development, toning and relaxation. Opt for a 150ml bottle of baby oil which would generally last for over a month. Click here to order your choice of baby oil.

A2. Baby Bath Towels And Washcloths:

Make sure to use a bath towel or washcloth soft enough to gently cleanse your baby without irritating or giving a rash. It would be good to have at least 5 towels as you would need them for multiple purposes repeatedly. Click here to buy good quality baby towels and washcloths.

A3. Baby Body Wash:

Your baby’s sensitive skin needs tender caring that your regular soaps cannot provide due to the harsh chemicals present in them. A 150ml bottle of baby wash that is specially formulated to suit a baby’s sensitive skin, should easily cover for a month or two. Click here and order one right now!

A4. Baby Shampoo:

Baby shampoos are composed of a mild formulation which does not include any harsh chemicals that may affect your baby’s soft scalp or hair. The good quality ones generally are so mild that they do not cause any eye irritation. Buy a 100ml bottle from here and be tension free for a month. Avail upto 30% discount on all your baby care essentials from Flipkart this summer.

A5. Baby Bath Tub:

Want to make your baby’s bathing time a lot more fun, safe and easy? Bring home a sturdy baby bath tub. To order click here.

B. Diaper Changing Essentials

B1. Diapers:

Baby diapers come in different sizes and types, that you can choose from according to the fit and comfort of your baby. Depending upon the weight of your baby you can choose from size 2-3 (or small to medium) diapers. As your baby will need around 7-9 diapers per day, you will need to stock up 210-270 diapers per month. Click here to buy them at up to 35% discount.

B2. Diaper Rash Cream:

Even though baby diapers are specifically made to suit your baby’s tender soft skin, due to constant use and touch they may end up causing rashes. Therefore, to help your baby get relieved from the irritating and uncomfortable rashes, do keep a diaper rash cream handy which will soothe your baby’s skin. Two 50ml tubes will easily last a month. Buy them here.

B3. Baby Wipes:

Do not use general face wipes or cloth to wipe your baby’s skin as they may irritate their tender skin. Baby wipes are extremely soft, specially made to be gentle on your baby’s soft skin. 5 packs of baby wipes with 150 wipes each should cover you for a month. Click here to get upto 30% off on baby wipes.

B4. Diaper Pail:

A diaper pail or disposable bin will not only save you time but also come in handy to dispose the diapers easily without creating a mess and keep odours away. To order a good quality diaper pail, click right here.

B5. Baby Powder:

Dusting your baby on some baby powder after a diaper change and bath to absorb any excess moisture will keep her skin soft and fresh for a long time. A 100 gm bottle of baby powder should easily last for more than a month. Order your baby powder here.

B6. Diaper Bag:

Purchasing a diaper bag to store all your baby’s diaper changing essentials will not only save you a lot of time and chaos but also come in handy when you head out of the house with your baby.

One good quality diaper bag should be enough for a whole year. Grab one here now!

C. Baby Clothing Essentials

C1. Baby Wear:

It is very important to make sure that the clothes that come or stay in contact with your baby’s skin are made of extremely gentle fabric so that they don’t give your little one any rashes or skin irritation. Purchase at least 5 sets and use them turn by turn. You can get some good deals here.

C2. Onesies:

Super easy to put on your baby, onesies generally come in comfortable and soft cotton fabric that suits baby’s skin. Get 5 onesies in different styles and colours and dress your baby in them turn by turn. You can find some adorable ones here.

C3. Socks:

As babies can easily catch a cold, especially during the night when you won’t be able to check on them every half an hour or so, make sure your baby is warm and protected by putting a pair of socks on their tiny feet. These will be useful even during the day when you take your baby out for a stroll. To order them home, click here.

D. Nursing Time Essentials

D1. Nursing Wipes:

It is important to maintain proper nursing hygiene to avoid infections which is why it is a good idea to wipe off any excess milk from your nipples after you breastfeed your baby. As you will be repeatedly breastfeeding your little one, it would be better to purchase nursing wipes in bulk - 5 packs with 150 wipes each. Click here to order.

D2. Nipple Cream:

Sore nipples after multiple breastfeeding sessions? Give your nipples some relief with a good nipple cream that will soothe away the pain and discomfort. Three 20 ml tubes should be enough for a month. Order them here.

D3. Nursing Pads:

Nursing pads come in handy when you are not feeding your baby for a while and your breasts start leaking. Using disposable nursing pads in your bra will help you prevent your clothes from staining. Purchase 2-3 packs with 24 nursing pads each here for a month.

D4. Breast Pump:

Your mammary glands can produce more breast milk than your baby may need at a time. In such case, a breast pump will come in handy to pump out and store the expressed milk for later use. To get upto 30% off on baby feeding and nursing essentials, click here.

E. Baby Toys And Accessories

E1. Teething Toys

Your baby will soon start growing teeth. Teether or teething toys help with your baby’s gums and teeth grow stronger as well as in the development of cognitive abilities, motor skills etc. Choose your favourite ones from here.

E2. Rattle Toys:

These bright, colourful rattle toys are known to be very helpful in children’s development of hand-eye coordination, the perception of colour and shape, motor skills and also promote faster brain development. Click here to find a bunch of rattle toys to keep your baby engaged and entertained with its pleasant rattling sound.

E3. Pacifiers:

From satisfying the suck reflex or sucking needs of your baby to helping them calm themselves, a binky or pacifier may come in handy in many occasions during the day. It will also help in soothing the gum pain once your little one starts growing teeth. Just make sure to replace the pacifier every few months. Click here to buy one.

E4. Crib Mobile Toys:

Get your baby a crib mobile toy and attach it to your baby’s crib to keep your baby engaged with its soothing music and colourful display. Crib mobiles help with their brain and muscle development, visual stimulation and motor skill enhancement. Find a good one here.

F. Baby Gear

F1. Stroller:

Take your baby out for a stroll to take some fresh air in and get him acquainted with the outside world at least once a day. Get a sturdy stroller for him and roam around freely with him in the nearby park for a while. Flipkart is offering upto 50% discount across their baby gear range. Click here to choose one.

F2. Carrier:

Moms only have two hands. How can you manage all your household works efficiently if you have to hold the baby by one hand. Bring home a carrier and let your hands be free to do everything while still carrying the baby with you. Buy one here that fits your requirements.

F3. Baby Swing Or Rocker:

It is very hard keeping babies engaged in something as their attention span tends to be very short. But a baby swing or rocker keeps the baby in motion which not only helps them stay entertained but also helps them fall asleep easily when they are sleepy. Find one here.

G. Bedtime Essentials

G1. Baby Monitors:

Bring home a baby monitor and do your household work while your baby sleeps without a single worry. They come in different types such as audio, video monitor etc. To choose one that fits in your budget, click here.

G2. Crib/Bassinet:

Even though it might seem like a good idea to keep your baby beside you on the bed while sleeping, it is actually advised that you make them sleep separately in a crib or bassinet. Click here to buy a bassinet and if you have more space in your room to accommodate a crib, then buy one here

G3. Baby Mattress And Mattress Protector:

Make your baby’s night sleep cosy and pleasant by adding a soft and comfortable mattress to her crib. You can choose one from here. Also as babies tend to wet the bed in their sleep, you may want to buy 2-3 washable covers to protect the mattress. To avail upto 50% discount on baby bedding essentials, click here.

G4. Baby Blanket:

Nights tend to get colder and you won’t be able to keep your baby warm throughout her sleep without staying awake the whole time. Get a snuggly soft baby blanket for your little one and let it do the job. It would be great if you buy 2 blankets, just in case, your baby wets one. Order one here.

G5. Curtains:

During daytime, make it easy for your baby to fall asleep by covering the room with dark curtains. Purchase one here that compliments your baby’s room.

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