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Try These Popular Gold Jewellery Trends

Accessories are really popular nowadays. Every outfit you wear has a matching pair of accessories with it because it helps you look more fashionable. We get most of our trends these days from college students. College students are sometimes the trendiest people when it comes to flaunting jewellery. Even though alloys and metals like platinum, silver and even solitaires are becoming popular, gold jewellery has its own charm. This charm has not failed to capture the young minds as well. Even though many college students may not be buying expensive jewellery from time to time, gold is still popular and many purchase it. You too might like occasionally buying gold jewellery. It might be hard for you to follow fashion magazines and choose gold jewellery for yourself, so you can try following the jewellery trends of college students instead. Here are some popular gold jewellery trends for college students that you too can try: 

01 Tassel Jewellery

Tassel jewellery or necklaces are getting really popular these days. Usually, they are not made of expensive metals, but if one wants to quirk up the good old gold chain, this is the look they should go for. Some extra beads can be added as they go really well with the tassel theme. Any casual outfit can be paired with tassel jewellery.

02 Earrings 

Earrings are probably one millennial jewellery item that every person owns. There are so many different styles and types of it. There might be ear studs, pins or even longer ones, hoops, etc. What is particularly trending at the moment is tear drop earrings. Apart from tear drop earrings, hoops have made a comeback in this year. A stylish pair of golden hoops can be a real trendsetter at parties and family functions. Hoops are really easy to pair with any outfit, especially golden hoops. Wearing a pair of hoops over a simple saree can add such a great look! Even just a white t-shirt with golden hoops and blue jeans can make quite a stylish statement. There are even ear studs if you don’t want an over-the-top look, but still want to wear gold jewellery. Studs these days are not limited for ears only, nose studs are also available, so try some of these looks to jazz up your outfit!

03 Bracelets 

Even though different designs of bangles for ladies are available, bracelets are the most widely chosen one among youngsters. Bracelets look the best if they are sleek and have a simple design. A very simple design can be that of the infinity tennis one. Tennis bracelets look magnificent in gold and are a great choice to wear if someone is dressing up for some special occasion.

04 Rings 

Rings can make fingers look gorgeous or even very awkward, hence choosing the right ones is important. Rings are always a great fashion statement. Small and simple gold rings with different colour jewels are trending now. The smaller the ring the better it looks. Stacking a few rings together can also add an extra dash of bling making the fingers look prettier.

These are few of the many popular trends on gold jewellery that college students as well as young women like you can follow. Trends keep on changing on a daily basis, but these common gold jewellery items can really make a statement for a lifetime, and investing in them can never be a bad idea. 

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