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Try These Games To Help Your Kids Enjoy Everyday Dental Care

It isn’t always that easy to convince kids to maintain a daily routine for their teeth. You might think - why is it important to look after milk teeth? They are going to fall out anyway. The reason -

Primary teeth affect the future permanent teeth that will grow in its place.

Milk teeth are simply holding space in the jaw for your child’s permanent teeth to come in. If the milk teeth fall out too early, the permanent teeth may end up growing in whatever space it finds. This can cause misalignment and crowding of teeth. The next question is -

What Causes Milk Teeth To Fall Out Sooner Than It Should?

You may not be aware of this, but your child’s primary teeth (milk teeth) happen to be soft, porous and thin. Hence, it is easier for kids to have tooth erosion and caries. In fact, the prevalence of tooth erosion has been reported to range 10-80% in children. This can be prevented by taking proper care of their teeth.

Now that we know why it is important, let us learn how to get the kids to care for their teeth.

1. Bring In The Heroes - The Toothpaste!

Allow the kids to choose their toothpaste as it will get them interested to use something that they bought. Colgate Kids toothpaste is available in tubes with characters like Spiderman, Motu Patlu, Barbie and Minions in fun fruity flavours (Strawberry and Bubble Fruit). So your kids can choose their favourite and make brushing s fun experience. You can then convince your child to brush their teeth by telling them how their favourite character does so too.

2. A Live Points Game

They would get points in the morning for brushing their teeth. Bonus points if they use mouthwash. The points will get cancelled if they don’t brush at night. If they have siblings, they can compete with them. If not, they can just compete with you. You can keep track of the points with the help of stickers on the calendar. Just don’t make it a race - they may end up brushing for too little time and/or hurting themselves.

3. Use A Timer

To level up the game, use a sand-clock timer. Choose one that lasts for 2 minutes. They should aim to brush their teeth until the sand completely moves to the lower glass bulb. They will earn points only by doing so.

4. Rewards

At the end of a month, they will earn rewards in exchange for those points. This can be anything that they love but don’t get every day - trip to a gaming arena, a family movie, etc. If they don’t get enough points - no rewards.

5. Sing About It

To make it even more fun, you can make up a rhyme about brushing teeth. Try the Brush Brush Song by Colgate - a fun jingle that children can sing along to when they brush. You could also try and look up online videos on nursery rhymes for brushing teeth. Singing about it will make them more enthusiastic about brushing their teeth.

So there you have it. Following these simple tips and tricks will ensure that your child follows a healthy oral care routine. If you have any unique ways you use to get your kids to brush their teeth, do share it with us! 

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