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Try These 5 Games To Make Your Child Brush Every Day

Parenting is a continuous learning process. When it comes to dealing with toddlers, it can be even more tricky as they tend to fuss about anything that may be unfamiliar or boring. Brushing is one such thing most children are not fond of. So, as parents, it is our duty to help our kids form a positive attitude towards brushing now so that they can slowly build this good habit for a lifetime.

One of the first things you can do is allow them to select their own toothbrush and toothpaste. Kids Toothpaste comes in exciting packs with their cartoons like Batman, Motu Patlu and Barbie on them nowadays, so let them choose. Now, kids would often prefer to spend time playing in place of brushing, so combine both with our brushing game ideas:

1. Cartoon Stories

The only thing kids love more than jumping around and shouting is listening to stories. So, every night while brushing, call your kids for some fun storytime sessions.

• Try the Colgate Kids Toothpaste pack which comes with free magic water stickers and stick these on your mirror.

• Your child can apply water to bring the story to life - let them try it out.

• Narrate the story when they brush, and let the story last just as long as brushing time.

• You can even make up bonus stories about how the characters love brushing their teeth to fight the “evil germs”.

2. Brushing Competition With Siblings

Children love games, especially competitive ones, where they can “win.” If you have two children, or if you are your child’s favourite playmate, this game is perfect:

• Use a 2-minute timer like the one that comes with every pack of Colgate Kids Toothpaste.

• Your children can play this game together, or you can play it with your child.

• Get ready with toothpaste and toothbrush and start the sand clock as soon as you say “Go!”

• Tell your child that the one who brushes till all the sand has fallen down wins. You can even add a fun element with photos showing the directions to brush in - round circles, or side to side arrows.

3. Brushing Rewards Game

There is nothing kids love more than collecting points and prizes. And if these points are given in the form of bright, colourful and shiny stickers, they will love it even more!

• Give them a sticker for each day - 1 sticker = Morning + Night brushing

Try out this reward system:

• 5 Consecutive Stickers = Small Reward (Extra playtime / more TV-time)

• 10 consecutive Stickers = Bigger Reward (Take them somewhere they wanted to go)

• 20 Consecutive Stickers = A moderate amount of their favourite food

A fun reward for your child after every 5 stickers, could be the fun trading cards that you get free with Colgate Kids Toothpaste, which has their favourite cartoons like Motu Patlu on them!

4. Germs VS Kids Fight!

Tell your child that there are 500 or 10,000 germs (depending on the highest number they know to count) on each tooth. So, they have to fight the germs by brushing. Here’s how to make it fun.

• Tell them 10 seconds of brushing = “x” number of germs killed (It can be 50 or 500, depending on the number you gave your child)

• Show them different ways of brushing in every 10-second stretch: side to side, in circles and sweeping motions.

• Count from 10 to 1, and declare how many germs you won against. Repeat. This way, your child knows that they’re going to be done with it soon.

• Once you’ve counted down to “zero germs,” your child “wins”, and you can tell them how the superheroes like Batman on the Colgate Kids Toothpaste pack are also fighting the germs by brushing.

5. Get musical with kids

Nothing a kid loves more than playing their favourite song. Don’t they always ask you to play their favourite song? What better time than while brushing? Here’s how you can make it a game:

• While brushing their teeth, hum a song and ask your child to guess which song it is.

• Hum for long enough that you can brush properly. Once they spit, ask them to guess.

• You can then ask your child to hum and it would be your turn to guess. Keep doing this until you’re done.

Bonus Music: Once you’re done, look up some fun rhymes about brushing on YouTube or if you have an Alexa, ask your child to instruct Alexa to play these songs as a reward for brushing. It would make the whole brushing process more enjoyable for both of you!

Now, with the above games, your child is surely going to love taking care of their teeth. It will help them build a positive attitude towards brushing, that will last through their childhood and till their adult years. The fun fruity flavoured Colgate Kids Toothpaste is a great addition to these games, which will definitely make brushing more fun for your child. Ask your kids to select their own favourite pack each time - this will add to the excitement. So what are some games you have tried? Tell us!

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