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Treating Dandruff: What You Need To Know

One of the most awkward social situations is when the person who is standing behind you, in a helpful but embarrassing way, lets you know that you have dandruff. Yes, it’s very embarrassing! 

If you do not want to experience such a situation, there are many ways for you to treat your dandruff. But before we get into that, try understanding what dandruff is and what are its causes.

What is dandruff? What are its causes and why should it be treated?

We all know dandruff as the white flakes that reside in one’s hair and on your scalp. Biologically, however, dandruff is a condition that causes flaky-itchy skin on account of too much yeast that’s present in the oily regions of the scalp. Now understand this - dandruff as a condition is normal and most human beings suffer from dandruff at some point of time in their lives. Thus, unless you feel that you have a major dandruff problem; don’t panic.

The causes of dandruff hint at its possible solutions. To be more precise, there are five main causes of dandruff which are:

- Stress

- Hygiene

- Fungal Infections

- Dry Scalp

- Diet

Apart from being a social embarrassment to an individual, if you suffer from dandruff, you will end up scratching your head all the time. Now, that’s not a pretty sight, and it’s not healthy either. When the problem gets too intense, dandruff can also inhibit hair growth.

With the causes of the problem laid down; the next step is laying down the solutions. Thankfully; there are many natural solutions for treating dandruff. Out of the many, the simplest and most effective ones are:

What can you do about your dandruff?

Massage your head with green tea

We all know that green tea is a very healthy beverage but, how many of you knew that it can be used to treat dandruff? Prepare green tea normally, and you can add some peppermint oil. And then, massage your dry scalp with it. This should be done right before you have your bath. Green tea works wonders on account of its antioxidant properties that improve scalp health and condition your hair.

Mix aspirin into your shampoo solution

This is very simple and quite effective on account of aspirin’s power to exfoliate the scalp. Purchase aspirin tablets from a chemist. Crush them. Mix it with your shampoo. Apply the shampoo onto your head and let it stay for a couple of minutes before washing it. That’s pretty much all that there is to it.

Massage your head with coconut oil

One of the most popular ways to treat dandruff in India is a coconut oil head massage. Ideally, the coconut oil should remain on the head for an entire night. However, if you do not have time, you can wash it off in 30 minutes. Coconut oil works its magic on account of its antifungal properties that help fight off dandruff.

In addition to these home remedies; you can try applying lemon juice or apple cider. Shampooing your hair and rinsing it off well, too, is extremely important to get rid of dandruff. If things still don’t work out; try a hair mask. You will find a lot of ‘hair mask’ recipes on the internet which should make work easier for you.

That’s not all that you need to know about treating dandruff. Here are a couple of other important pointers:

- Dandruff is much more common during the summer months; so do not panic.

- You can find dandruff on your eyebrows. It’s normal, so once again, do not panic. Just use a normal face cleanser and you should be fine.

- Don’t mix normal shampoos with special anti-dandruff shampoos. You will not be happy with the results.

Go ahead now, share this dandruff gyaan with the next person that you meet who suffers from this problem. But be kind, not mean while doing so!

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