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Travelling During Pregnancy: When You Can And Can't

Sure there can be a lot of complications during pregnancy, but travelling the one last time before your little one arrives can be extremely exciting!

So here is all that you need to know about travelling during pregnancy, as it’s not something you can do at any given time during the nine months.

First trimester

Of course, you can travel during your first trimester, but the nausea and exhaustion can make your travelling experience worse. Also, there are chances of miscarriage.

Second trimester

This is a good time to travel as your visits to the washroom decreases. You have adjusted to the baby bump and have a ton of energy. But be careful while walking and make sure you don’t fall or cause any harm to the baby.

Third trimester

Once you reach the last trimester, it is better that you stay close to your home. In case there are sudden complications or a requirement of an early visit from your baby, having a trusted doctor close by helps you calm down a little.

You can travel when...

1. You get a thumbs up from your ob-gyn. Always ask your doctor if it is okay for you to travel and make sure you give them all the details about your trip.

2. The mode of transportation is agreeable for pregnant women to travel in. Airplanes and cars are considered to be much safer than trains or buses.

3. The specialists agree that it is okay for you to travel. They are also medics and travel agents.

4. You have found an alternative ob-gyn whenever you are going.

5. You have made sure that your health insurance is still good to go. Remember, complications during pregnancy can dig a huge hole in the pocket.

6. You have packed a copy of your prenatal record with you. Especially if you are travelling to a place where you are going to stay for quite a while, it is good to have these records handy.

You can’t travel when...

1. You are bleeding: This could mean that you have a chance of miscarriage, preterm labour or placenta previa.

2. You have a stubborn headache that refuses to go away: A headache might seem like a small bump on the road, but it is better to get it checked.

3. Your vision is not up to the mark: Blurry and hazy vision indicates a swelling of your optic nerve.

4. You experience pain in your belly: No matter where you are travelling, cancel it. Your baby bump is more important than anything.

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