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Toxins In Household Products That Can Cause Cancer

Have you ever wondered, what is it that makes a house run? What fuels your home? What does it take to live in a house? What has to be avoided to continue living in your house? What measures have you taken knowingly or unknowingly that led to a safer shelter for you and your family?

If yes, then good! Didn't the answer to those questions surprise you? If not, they just maybe, you might not have thought in-depth.

If no, then its high time to do so. A house exists as a safe haven for a family and their residents. So far, you would have followed the trend already set in your surroundings. But that was in the beginning stages when you were starting a family. You should be better aware of minor/major dangers that exist due to certain possessions. These possessions refer to the household products you use on a regular basis. By using these products, toxins are bared in the presence of your family. Since you use these products on a regular basis, exposure to these toxins cross the threshold for safety and become harmful to you.

You must have got an idea as to which products are being referred to.

Yes, the major contributors causing harm to your home disguised as a healthful aid are your household cleaning products.

These cleaning products that major population uses are chemically involved. Using such products led to envelope your home in toxins. These toxins are a direct result of involving chemicals. Toxins produced from these products are known to cause a wide array of harmful effects, ranging from skin irritation to cancer.

Here, we are only going to discuss those toxins that can cause a fatal illness, i.e cancer.

The following are a list of household products in which you can find toxins leading to cancer:

- Formaldehyde: This chemical is a known cause of cancer. It is used in a lot of household products but will not be present on any of the products labels. In your household products, it can be found in your mascara, hand or body soap, and a liquid wash as well.

- Glyphosate: It is one of the most commonly used herbicides in the world, so, when it was revealed to that it could cause cancer, there was a lot of controversy and deliberation. They can be found in your vegetables or fruits and could already have made its way onto your dinner table.

- Styrene: It is a commonly used ingredient in fragrances. Like most harmful chemicals, styrene isn't included in the ingredient list of most products. It is also a known chemical that causes cancer.

- Benzene: You would have heard this name many times in your school. It was also like others not included in the ingredients list, but gradually they are being added. Benzene is used everywhere in the world, even in our household products.

- Chloroform: Another known product found in our household products, that is capable of causing cancer. Exposure to chloroform acts on your lung tissue causing lung cancer.

The above are but a few known chemicals found in our household products.

There are new revelations being made every day about these chemically involved products. Which is why it is high time for you to change this trend and go organic.

It might be a big change to do, but it is clearly the better and healthier choice.

To change all the products at once might not be ideal. Let's start by changing one product, the floor cleaners. Since floor cleaners are used almost every other day, and your kids/toddler would spend most of his time on the ground playing/crawling, it is best to change it first. Lucky for you, currently there is a 100% organic floor cleaner in the market and some ingredients include neem extract, baking soda, vinegar, etc.

There have been very positive responses from over 94% of the users and is very well a better alternative to the other floor cleaners in the market.

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