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Top Foods Moms Must Indulge In To Beat The Summer Heat

Yes, it's summer-the best time of the year, during April-May, your kids have summer vacation and they are around the house all the time. This gives you a chance to relax too. The best thing about summer is the fresh products especially fruits and vegetables you get during this time and it also provides you with a chance to switch to nutrient and healthy choices, but the scorchy summer heat is unbearable.

Moms, especially, know the pain of summer, kids go to play out and they just don't want to stay in the home. Your loved ones want a break from their schooling and they deserve it too. But, the summer heat, playing and hanging out leads to dehydration, rashes, itchiness, tiredness etc. Of course, there are a couple of simple steps to stay hydrated this summer, out of which the major one is to drink lots of water and add fruit juices to your diet. But is it the only thing you can do? Have you tried any other cooling method? Back in the day, our grandmas used some cool, natural products to beat summer. Let us take you on a trip to the old healthy methods of beating this heat and keep summer effects at bay.

1. Kokum

For those of you who haven't heard about kokum juice, its one of the ace cards my grandma used to use during summer. It's a refreshing drink which produces a cooling effect on the body. It's dark pink in colour and not only quenches your thirst but also helps you with dehydration and sunstroke during summer. The healthy content present in it helps you gain immunity and lose weight. It also keeps your heart healthy as it is low in fat content and rich in fibres. So if you are thinking of starting a healthy diet, kokum is the go-to product. Trust us, your kids will love it!

2. Watermelon

We know this is a given thing. Almost all of you parents use watermelon and melons as an everyday eatery especially during summer. During summers, kids perspire a lot and lose a lot of water from their body which is why watermelon is the perfect fruit to be devoured since it has a rich amount of water content.This helps in retaining the water content in the body. It contains rich amount of vitamins like vitamin A, B6, and C along with essential minerals. Since it mainly contains water, it has very few calories too. Hence, it can easily be called as the king of all fruits especially in summer to kickass this unbearable heat.

3. Spicy foods

You might be wondering how spicy food will help you out during summer. We know, this is an unconventional category, but hear us out. Spicy foods especially the chillies and curries, stimulate the heat receptors in the mouth, thereby increasing the sweating and cools your body down. Who doesn’t like eating spicy chats??, It matches your body temperature with outside environment, thereby helping you cool down and children are always ready to have a go at it.

4. Coconut water

Hands down, this is the best, not-so-expensive summer drink. It's almost available in every juice shop and it is rich in vitamins and minerals. The nutrients and electrolytes present in them help you keep your body hydrated. It also helps in reducing blood pressure level, provides anti-aging properties and studies have shown that it protects against cancer too. So let us ask you this ‘What is summer if there’s no coconut water?

5. Curd and Yogurt

Curd and yoghurt are the duos that can help you this summer. They are not only delicious but they also produce a coolant effect on the body. Suppose you and your family go out and come back, you’ll always have curd kept at home and you can make a variety of creative recipes with them. For example, it can be made into spicy buttermilk or into refreshing, tasty smoothies by adding fruits. When it comes to yoghurt, it is rich in protein and helps in digestion. A few ways for you and your kids to enjoy yoghurt are by making a cold cup of yoghurt with dry fruits and berries, also fruit salads, this is an absolute beauty. Having all the fruits mixed in with yoghurt, just typing about it, makes me hungry, let me go make one!

6. Berries and dry fruits

Berries and dry fruits are excellent sources of nutrients, they contain dietary content like copper, fibre, manganese etc. They are high in vitamins and increase blood flow to the skin. They help with the skin glow and texture, especially during long daylight hours and more exposure to the sun. Strawberries and blueberries are so tasty and delicious that kids would love it after a day’s fun. Even dry fruits like cashews and almonds help in maintaining the body fat content and provides good enrichment for parents and kids.

7. Dark leafy vegetables

Greens, yuk! We know they are your kid’s nightmare. Most of the tiny ones don't like eating them, but they can help keep your kids safe. Leafy greens reduce inflammation and help in detoxification. They also help in reducing the sensitivity to UV light and are rich in iron content. Try them out, who knows your kids might start liking them.

We know summer is long and tiring but by trying out the above food items, you can make it a cool summer. Try to avoid oily foods and junk foods as they make it difficult to digest and just makes us lazy. Try fruit juices, milkshakes, smoothies etc but try to keep count of the sugar content in them. Keep your children safe and enjoy your summer too. With these cool and funky tips, you get to have fun with your kids too and look after their health. Summer Is Coming!

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