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Top 6 Unexpected Postpartum Changes To Watch Out For!

When you were pregnant, the one thing you were looking forward to was meeting your little one. Your body went through a number of changes - some of which you were prepared for and some of which you weren’t. Now, as a first-time mom, there are so many things that in the unknown.

It all starts when you give birth. You lose a lot of weight when you give birth - the weight of your baby, the placenta and the fluids that your body produced to feed and protect your baby. After this, your body then starts trying to go back to its usual pre-pregnancy state. This will involve getting the hormone levels back to normal.

So here are a few of the most body changes that you may experience postpartum:

1. Swollen legs

While you were pregnant, you may have experienced swelling in different parts of your body -like your hands, legs and face. Postpartum, these swollen parts will start to go back to its normal size. Go for walks regularly to improve blood flow to your legs and avoid twitchiness.

2. Skin pigmentation

You may notice that certain areas of your body that were already dark will grow even darker. This is caused due to the hormonal changes in your body. It increases the melanin content in certain areas and this can result in pigmentation in certain areas. For some women, the skin darkening that happened during pregnancy may actually end up getting reversed. Any acne that you got during pregnancy will start to clear up.

3. Energy levels

Some women feel more energetic postpartum. They suddenly feel like they have more energy than they ever did before getting pregnant. However, most women say that they feel less energetic after all the energy that got used up giving birth and caring for their little one.

4. Incontinence

After giving birth, some women observe that they don’t pee as often as they used to. This could be because, throughout the pregnancy, the baby would press down against the urethra, causing the urge to pee frequently. You may also observe that when you gotta go, you don’t go as bowel movements can be painful postpartum.

5. Hair loss

A normal person would lose up to 100 hairs every day. During pregnancy, you may not have lost as much hair due to all those hormones acting up. So if you didn’t experience a lot of hair fall during pregnancy, you will experience heavy hair fall postpartum. This should go back to normal in a few months.

6. Sweating

As a method of getting rid of all the remaining extra fluids in your body, you may start to sweat excessively. Again, this is only a temporary phase. Your body should go back to normal soon enough.

7. Varicose veins

You may also notice varicose veins forming on your legs. This should fade away as you lose weight. Go for walks regularly and massage your legs with oil every day. Doing this will help make it fade faster although it may never go away completely.

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