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Top 6 Fears Moms Have About A Second Pregnancy

When having the baby a second time, moms often overthink it. They think about a lot more than they did the first time and we all know the result of overthinking is anxiety. Mothers don’t realise that they are in fact more prepared now to handle having a baby and that they don’t really need to be afraid.

Here is a list of the most common fears every mom has about getting pregnant the second time around:

1. Growing bigger than the first time

Since the body now knows what it is like to go through the pregnancy, chances are that the baby will start growing faster. This is why the bump will start showing sooner during the second pregnancy. But this doesn’t mean that the mother will grow bigger the second time around. Not giving in to each and every one of those pregnancy food cravings can help you control the weight gain. Always opt for healthy options when you do crave for something.

2. Going through pain in front of firstborn

During the 9 months of pregnancy, pain is inevitable. Moms are afraid that the older child might see her in pain and hate the baby that is causing the pain. This can be avoided by explaining in simple words why mommy won’t be able to be as active as before during these 9 months. Make sure to never blame the baby in your belly for the pain you are going through.

3. Being able to afford another child

Caring for a second child will be comparatively cheaper when having a second child. This is because they can simply use the same clothes and toys that their older sibling once used. There will be a number of other hand-me-downs that can be reused such as a baby cot, carrier, stroller and cradle.

4. The firstborn feeling jealous

You may think that the older one would get jealous of the newborn baby because they seem to be getting all of mommy’s and daddy’s attention. But as long as the parents are making sure the older one feels loved and cared for, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can even get the siblings to bond. It might take some time to adjust, but the kid will eventually learn that their sibling isn’t stealing their parents and that the little one is simply an addition to the family and needs to be loved by all in the family - including the firstborn.

 5. Fear of labour pain

Few women are scared of having a second child because they had a very painful experience the first time they went into labour. The very thought of experiencing labour again causes them to not want to have another baby. This is common because once a woman has experienced childbirth, they will remember it all their life. But the best part is that after all that pain, sweating, and pushing, you get to see and hold your sweet newborn baby. So if you are one of those women afraid of the pain, think about your child instead of the pain. Wasn’t it all worth it in the end?

6. Their age difference

Often, moms are unsure about whether there needs to be a wide age gap or just a small one between the first and second child. Kids who have a large age gap (4 years or more) may have lesser things in common than kids with a smaller age gap (less than 2 years). But they may have fewer fights than the kids who have a small age gap. But since there is no real science behind how the age difference can affect their development, it is better to just go with the flow and do what you can to help them get along.

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