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It is roughly 270 days from the day of your conception to the day you introduce your baby to this world. It is a period where you will be strapped in for a bumpy ride. Mood swings to food cravings – anything and everything you wish for at this time could be granted. But since your baby needs all the required nutrients for its growth, it is your responsibility to plan on your food intake and focus on healthy weight gain. To help you in avoiding junk food but also to satisfy your cravings, here are a few fixes:

1. Ice-cream Cravings: 

It is normal to have ice-cream craving during pregnancy. It is not a problem to have an ice-cream packed with milk solids and milk fats. But ice-cream with low milk content could have additives and vegetable fats. The more milk content the ice-cream contains the more calories it has. So anything in excess is not good for your body.

Fixes: Low-fat frozen yoghurt or less-sugar, low-fat frozen ice-cream, sherbet or sorbet or frozen fruit bars are lower-calorie frozen treats. These could do the trick and saves you from high-calorie consumption and also satisfies your taste buds.

2. Sweet Craving: 

Thought of Gulab jamun, ladoos, Cookies, cakes or any other sweets could make you crave for those. But giving in to these cravings could only add the excess calories to your diet.

Fixes: Banana-Chocolate milkshake or mango-banana concoction or a cold smoothie made with yoghurt, milk and a fresh fruit could satisfy your sweet craving. You can prepare concoction by replacing mango with other fruits and try new recipes. It is healthy for you and also for your baby.

3. Salty Snacks Craving: 

You could crave for salty snacks such as potato chips during pregnancy. Salt is vital for body whether you are a pregnant or not but going overboard could cause health issues such as high blood pressure.

Fixes: Bakes potato chips, tortilla chips, chickpea chips or pretzels could be consumed to persuade your salty snacks cravings. Kale chips, crispy chickpeas, roasted broccoli and cauliflower nuggets are other options which are healthy as well as tasty.

4. Chocolate cravings: 

Chocolate consumption during pregnancy could lower the risk of preeclampsia. But overdoing it is not good for two reasons. Chocolate is of high calories and could lead to unhealthy weight gain and reason is it has a good amount of caffeine which is not advised for pregnant women.

Fix: With a proper diet and regular exercise, you could fit in a small amount of chocolate treat in your diet. To make it healthier for you try cooking 150-calorie chocolate mousse yourself in the home. This version of chocolate mousse will have less than half the calories of normal mousse and one third the fat.

5. Uncontrollable cravings: 

There will be a few cravings which you feel you can’t compromise or maybe your mind tricks you to satisfy your cravings no matter what. It might be cravings for candy or pizza or French fries or doughnut or pastry. Here is a tip to handle those uncontrollable cravings.

Fix: If you feel your cravings are irrepressible, train your mind to think small. Have a single scoop of ice cream instead of whole bowl, satisfy the candy-urge with fun-size bar instead of king-size bar, please your chocolate craving with one square of chocolate instead of the entire bar, delight your pizza craving by having one slice, gratify your crisps craving by offering yourself a small snack bag of chips instead of bigger one. 

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