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Parenting is not an easy task. From being a friend who stands for every demand to being a law enforcer, a parent is a designation with extreme job demands. Today we discuss few parenting goals for sustaining a healthy and happy familial relationship. For this we should vie for:

1. Staying involved

Involved parents are the best parents as they stand by their children during their formative years. Regulate what your kids learn and its associated outcomes.

- Children require dedicated efforts to get the best of all worlds. Make efforts to help them realize their true potential.

- Appreciate their choices and stand up for their little decisions. This will help them grow up with a friend whom they can trust else they will drift apart from you in the teenage years.

- Remember that first you have kids and then your career and it should be in that order only.

2. Making them good citizens

In the rat race to be the best, families set high expectations and competitiveness. This makes children susceptible to substance abuse.

- The focus is on raising good citizens of future, today. For this, involve yourself in your child's Education.

- Keep attention on any change in behaviour pattern of the child and take immediate remedial actions.

- Help them stay close to social calling. This keeps them happy and in best of behavior.

- Allow them to learn sharing and charity begins at home with younger siblings and friends.

- Let them undertake spiritual life to learn skills like concentration.

3. Communicate

Stay comfortable with your parenting style and communicate your expectations with the kid.

- Keep an open door and mind while handling kids and their issues. Make them understand the importance of communication.

- If you have a single child then remember that you are both a friend and guide for your kid (cases suggest that single children are lonelier than those who have siblings).

- Help your child learn the importance of time management by including day planning skills from early on.

- Set little goals and celebrate the achievements. You are your kid’s first teacher, coach, and friend.

4. Stay positive and healthy

Keep yourself positive when it comes to raising the kid.

- There are bound to be Numerous instances of displeasure or disagreement yet these should be taken up as the challenges of parenting and should not impact your relationship with your child.

- This means contribution for the betterment of the child is important for both the parents as well as grandparents.

- Frequently it is seen that grandparents turn devil's advocate (read children) and support them in their wrongdoings.

- Share with them the issues you face and they will ease your task with their experience.

- Also raising a child doesn't mean withering away from the health goals rather being more conscious about the same.

5. Flexible parenting plan

As a parent, no one style of parenting can be effective. Adopt situation based parenting style. As a kid, your child will need a disciplined approach to learn social skills but your teen would look for a role model in you. If his quest for the same is not available at home, he will find external models to shape himself.

- Parenting style should change with the age of the child.

- Become a role model for the children. Make them realize how you contribute to the society and family needs.

- Teens require Independence but it should come with few attainable riders like curfew.

- Focus on one thing that needs improvement urgently rather than trying for dynamic transformation.

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