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Top 5 Common Fears EVERY New Mom Has

Entering motherhood is both a beautiful and scary experience. Nobody really knows what they have to do with their baby. Every action is filled with doubt and concern. “Am I doing it right?” “Will my baby be alright?” “Is there a better and safer way to do this?” We feel inferior when we see our moms or our nurses look after the baby with such ease and expertise. How are they so good with the kids?

Well, it all comes with practice. Every mom has their own way of doing things so do whatever feels right to you. Some mothers may want to start feeding solid food to their baby only when they turn 6 or 7 months old. Others would want to start feeding solid food to their babies only when they complete one year - till then it is only breast milk. What they do have in common is a fear that their baby will get hurt or fall sick.

So here is a list of things that every new mom is afraid of:

Carrying the baby

At first, moms will not be sure if they are holding their baby the right way. They will have this fear that the baby may not feel comfortable or if they are able to breathe properly while holding them. The biggest fear is if they would drop the baby. They want to know that their grip is gentle and soft for the baby’s comfort and at the same time safe so that the baby doesn’t slip out of their arms. The key to getting confident is to be more aware of the area you walk in. If walking near a bed seems more comfortable, stick to that. Practice walking with your baby and carrying them around more often - it makes you more confident.

Cleaning the umbilical cord

The first few days, mothers are asked to gently clean around the umbilical cord. This is in order to speed up the process of healing and drying the umbilical cord so that it falls off. So when they bathe or clean the baby, you have to take care that no water falls directly on the umbilical cord stump. Once it dries off and falls - which should happen within a week- you can bathe your baby normally without any hard feelings.

Driving with baby

If driving with a baby seems scary, you can always ask a friend to tag along. First, strap your baby in securely. Do a couple checks and ensure there is nothing in the back seat that could fall on to your baby. You could then ask your friend to sit in the back seat next to the baby’s car seat so that they can tend to the baby’s cries or needs.

Cutting Baby Nails

A baby’s nails are so delicate and tiny that even the thought of clipping their nails sounds terrifying. But their nails have to be trimmed to avoid the chance of scratching themselves. Parents often resort to biting or chewing their baby’s nails off to avoid the hassle of cutting them off. But doing so will transfer germs and bacteria to the skin and nails. It is better to get your partner to hold the baby as you trim the nails.

Baby Bathtime

One of the things most moms are afraid of is that their baby may slip out of their hand while trying to bathe them. To avoid any accident, keep all the bathing essentials nearby - towels, baby soap and a baby washcloth. Spread out a dry towel on a flat surface near the tub, but away from the splashes. While bathing the baby, keep one hand on the baby at all times. After the bath, lift the baby up from the tub and immediately place them on the towel. Use another towel to wipe them dry. Put on their diaper, dress them up and voila - your baby is ready!

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