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Top 4 Benefits Of Placing Your Baby On The Back During Sleep

Are you fed up of your baby startling the whole night and waking up due to uncomfortable positioning? Even when your baby seems fussy about sleeping on the back, they’ll eventually get used to this position. It also ensures safety and comfort. To reduce the risk of SIDS and suffocation you should put your baby in the crib every night on their back. They’ll sleep more soundly and comfortably the whole night if you allow them to sleep this way. Even during the short naps, you should try as much as possible to keep them sleeping on their back. It’ll keep their nose and mouth unblocked and your baby will get enveloped in the fancies of the beautiful dreams without any fatal risks. Here are few other reasons sleeping on the back is considered to be the safest bet for the babies.

1. Reduces the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

When your baby is sleeping they may be unable to wake up while they are feeling suffocated. They might also be suffering from a breathing problem while lying down on their stomach. This can lead to sudden death of your baby because they’re not able to breathe well due to the choking of their nose and mouth. It is therefore recommended that you should place your baby sleeping soundly on the back. Sleeping on the back is the safest position to keep your baby secure even when they’re snoozing. Make sure that your baby gets into the practice of sleeping on the back for as long as possible. It is only until they reach the point where they can choose their own sleep position that you can change this position.

2. Your Baby’s Arousal Response Doesn’t Mute Down

Experts suggest that the deep sleep infants get on their stomachs may mute their arousal responses. It may even lead to the death of the infant. Sleeping on the back is much more reliable than on the side or on the tummy. This is because they’re able to breathe fresh air the entire night and there is negligible chances of suffocation/decreased breathing rate. You should practice lying your baby to sleep on their back until they reach the age of one year.

3. Increases the Playtime of The Infants

When infants are awake they lie on their back for even fun and frolic activities. They exchange amazing gestures as well as smiles at you whenever they feel happy and safe. Infants find it the most comfortable position to make movements while playing. They can easily move their hands and legs while lying on their back. Therefore, it is considered, that as babies enjoy their playtime while lying on their back - they also enjoy their nighttime sleep. This is possible only if you put them into the practice of lying on their back whenever they feel sleepy.

4. Gain strength in the limbs

Another important benefit of placing your baby to sleep on his back is that it helps them gain strength in making movement effortlessly and comfortably. As the Infants stay in the wombs of their moms for nine months, they lack strength in the limbs and laying on the back helps them in gaining strength. This also makes their limbs stronger. Sleeping on the back is not only comfortable for the babies but it also prevents them from several risks. 

The effect of placing your kid to sleep on the back is profound. Help your baby sleep at night comfortably and they’ll be more recharged to get up in the morning! 

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