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Top 25 Vitamin K Rich Foods You Need To Include In Your Diet

vitamin k rich foods

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin which is very important for keeping our body healthy and smoothly functioning. Because of the many vitamin K benefits for skin and hair, it is constantly being used in many cosmetic products and beauty practices for ages. To take advantage of all the vitamin K benefits, we need to include as many vitamin K rich foods into our diets as we can.

We all know that how vitamin K benefits our body and how the vitamin K deficiency can affect our body. But do you know what are the important vitamin K rich foods you might have been missing out on? Let's not waste much of our time and get into this wonderful post on vitamin K benefits and which of the vitamin K foods you should include in your diet plan.

Table Of Contents

‣ What Is Vitamin K?

‣ Top 25 Vitamin K Rich Foods

‣ Vitamin K Deficiency And Its Symptoms.

‣ Conclusion

What Is Vitamin K?

vitamin k rich foods


Many of you might be wondering that what is vitamin K and why is it important? You may also ask us that which vitamin helps in blood clotting? Which vitamin improves stamina? Well, the answer is the same for both the question which is the mighty vitamin K. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting, helps in improving your bone strength and most importantly keeps your heart strong. Read the full article which will help you to understand and learn more about vitamin K.

Top 25 Vitamin K Rich Foods:

Many of you are always confused about which food to include in your diet or you don’t know which are the vitamin K rich foods, right? Here we are including top 25 vitamin K rich foods that you must include in your diet plan to take advantage of the many health benefits of vitamin K.

1. Cooked Green Beans: 100gm of green beans contains 48mcg of vitamin K which is more than enough. You will find many flavours of beans but this one has most vitamin. You can boil some green beans and then blend them smoothly to include this vitamin K benefit in your diet and this is one of the best vitamin K rich foods.

2. Sun-Dried Tomatoes: According to the RDA standards sun-dried tomatoes contain 43mcg of vitamin K for every 100gm. Use sun-dried oil which is a source of vitamin K oil. Now go from here and try some dried tomatoes.

3. Egg Yolk: You may have already figured it out that the highly nutritious eggs will definitely be one of the vitamin K rich foods. 100 gm of egg yolk contains 34mcg of vitamin K which is a pretty good amount. Add this golden beauty to your daily menu and take advantage of all the vitamin K benefits it has packed in it.

vitamin k rich foods


4. Cashew Nuts: This is that kind of nut which goes with all types of dishes. While this is mixed in many creams and use to make Pasto traditionally. You can add them to your afternoon salad or sprinkle over snacks. This is one of the vitamin K rich foods.

5. Butter: Do this point even need any explanation? We don’t think so. 100 gm of butter contains 21mcg of vitamin K. Butter is tasty and as well as are a rich source of vitamin K. You can have both taste and the benefits of vitamin K.

6. Brazil Nuts: A single cup of Brazil nuts can contain as much as 38% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin K. This is one of the vitamin K rich food. Make sure to use this once.

7. Dandelion Greens: Because their flavour is similar to rocket, dandelion greens are an excellent alternative to rocket in green salads. This is also used to make vitamin K oil and is widely used.

8. Quinoa: Quinoa can add a good dose of important vitamins and minerals into the diet, including vitamin K, with one cup containing around 6% of the recommended daily allowance. This is one of the richest sources of vitamin k.

9. Pistachio Nuts: Pistachio nuts are probably one of the tastiest snacks around! They can be caramelized with some honey and used to top yogurt for a tasty breakfast or post-exercise snack. Pistachio makes an excellent, rich source of vitamin K.

10. Radicchio: The deep red colouring of radicchio looks simply amazing in almost any recipe that it is used for, including radicchio and goat’s cheese. This source of vitamin K is still unknown to many people out there.

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vitamin k rich foods


11. Collard Greens: The intense flavour of collard greens means that they are delicious when paired with strongly flavoured meats like beef and bacon. In fact, this is an important source of vitamin K oil. This is still considered to be one of the best vitamin K rich foods.

12. Pumpkin Seeds: As well as roasting them to use as a tasty snack, pumpkin seeds can be added to homemade granola and breads. Just include this source of vitamin K into your diet and make yourself more fit.

13. Spinach: Thanks to its mild flavour, spinach can be enjoyed in a number of recipes including green smoothies, as an alternative to lettuce in salads, and shredded into pasta or soup. This is one of the most important sources of vitamin K.

14. Mustard Greens: Mustard greens can be enjoyed as a simple side dish to meat, nut loaf or omelette by sautéing them in a bit of olive oil with garlic, salt and pepper. They can also be added to stir fries, soups and even served raw in green salads. Don’t forget to add this vitamin K rich food in your diet.

15. Swiss Chard: Swiss chard pairs incredibly well with flavours like garlic and lemon, however, it is also very tasty in recipes like chard, potato and goat’s cheese tart. This is also one of the vitamin K rich foods.

16. Olives: Olives are a pretty good source of vitamin K, containing as much as a fifth of the recommended daily allowance per 100g. We are pretty sure that many of you know this benefit of vitamin K.

vitamin k rich foods


17. Broccoli Rabe: Rapini is a bitter-tasting vegetable that pairs very well with other strong flavours like onion, garlic and chilli. Maybe you all know that this is one of important vitamin K rich foods.

18. Kale: The strong, earthy flavour of kale means that it tastes delicious in things like beef curry, vegetable stew and chicken and garlic soup. This highly nutritious veggie is a great source of vitamin K.

19. Parsnips: One of the most economical sources of vitamin K, parsnips are simply delicious when sliced, drizzled in olive oil and baked until crisp: they make a wonderful, healthy alternative to potato-based crisps.

20. Kiwifruit: Because it is a fruit, it might seem typical to add kiwifruit to things like fruit salads and smoothies, however, kiwifruit can be used to make a tasty salsa to serve with chicken or fish. This is used to extract vitamin K oil.

21. Pecans: The delicious, smoky flavour of pecans allows them to be used in both sweet and savoury recipes including blueberry and pecan pancakes. People would say that this is one of the tastiest vitamin K rich foods.

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vitamin k rich foods


22. Cranberries: Whilst most people assume that cranberries are only good for juicing or making cranberry sauce, it turns out that there are loads of things that you can make with them including a cranberry and jalapeno salsa. We would say that this is one of the yummiest vitamin K rich foods.

23. Chicken: We don’t think that this needs any explanation. Our favourite meat “chicken”. 100 gm of chicken contains 60mcg of vitamin K which is needed by us. If you want to eat raw chicken then please consult a doctor before. Now, please go and enjoy some spicy chicken and enjoy this vitamin K benefit.

24. Beef Liver: Apart from vitamin K, beef liver is an abundant source of iron. In fact, it is one of the best sources of the nutrient. Iron helps generate energy and aids the transportation of oxygen throughout your body. Enjoy this tasty meat to extract all the vitamin K benefits it has stored in it.

25. Lamb: We all know that meat is rich in protein and lamb has 5.3mcg of vitamin K for every 100 gm of lamb. Lamb also contains a high amount of selenium and zinc which take care of tour heart. This highly nutritious food item is also one of the most popular vitamin K rich foods.

Deficiency Of Vitamin K And Its Symptoms

vitamin k rich foods

What if your body has a deficiency of vitamin K? Do you want to know vitamin K deficiency symptoms? If the answer is yes then read along folks.

‣ Visual Disturbances: If you are having teary eyes or having problem reading then you should visit a doctor. This may be vitamin K deficiency symptoms.

‣ Muscle Pain: Whenever you walk or lay down then suddenly your muscles start to hurt. This is definitely a vitamin K deficiency.

‣ General Unwellness: If you are not well every now and then or have problems daily then please visit a doctor asap because this is vitamin K deficiency symptoms.

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We are pretty sure that by now you know all the benefits of vitamin K and have planned out an efficient diet which includes vitamin K rich foods. Don’t ignore the vitamin K deficiency symptoms because they may create a larger problem in near future. If you have any doubts or feedback, just write it down in the comment section and we will solve it asap.

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