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Top 25 Vitamin C Rich Foods You Need To Include In Your Diet

vitamin c rich foods

Whether you like it or not, just like us, your parents too must have made you eat your share of citrus fruits when you were a kid. This essential vitamin is one of the most important nutrients that our body needs to function properly. But, the human body can neither produce nor store vitamin C. Therefore it becomes imperative for you to have vitamin C rich foods regularly so that the level of vitamin C required in the body is maintained. Here’s a recommendation of 25 vitamin C rich foods that you need to include in your diet. 

Table Of Content

‣ What Is Vitamin C?

‣ What Are The Vitamin C Functions?

‣ What Are The Vitamin C Benefits?

‣ What Are The Vitamin C Deficiency Diseases?

‣ What Are Vitamin C Rich Foods?

‣ How Much Vitamin C We Require? 

What Is Vitamin C?

vitamin c rich foods


To know what all vitamin C does for us, let us first see what is vitamin C. All vitamins, including vitamin C are organic compounds, they contain the elements - carbon and oxygen and exist in living things. Vitamin C is also called L-ascorbic acid, L-ascorbate or ascorbic acid. Our body is unable to store vitamin C as it is soluble in water. That’s why it becomes essential to have a regular intake of vitamin C foods.

What Are The Vitamin C Functions?

Vitamin C rich foods are important for us as vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. It is very necessary for our tissues, teeth and bones. The main vitamin C function is to develop and repair the tissues in the body. Vitamin C foods provide the required amount that helps in collagen formation, help the blood cells to absorb iron and even strengthen the immune system.

What Are The Vitamin C Benefits?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin. The ways in which it benefits our body are:

‣ Vitamin C benefit No.1: It strengthens the body to fight against harmful molecules by improving our immunity.

‣ Vitamin C benefit No.2: vitamin C rich foods can help lower blood pressure.

‣ Vitamin C benefit No.3: Another benefit of vitamin C rich foods is that they help in lowering the risks of heart diseases.

‣ Vitamin C benefit No.4: It helps the body to absorb iron and thus prevents iron deficiency.

vitamin c rich foods


What Are The Vitamin C Deficiency Diseases?

When your intake of vitamin C is too low, it can lead to some vitamin C deficiency diseases and troubles, such as:

‣ Anaemia

‣ Scurvy

‣ Gum Bleeding

‣ Lower Immunity

‣ Nose Bleeding

‣ Swelled up and hurting joints

‣ Rough Skin

‣ Weaker teeth and bones

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What Are Vitamin C Rich Foods?

Here’s a list of top 25 vitamin C rich foods you need to include in your diet.

1. Guava: Ripe and delicious guavas are one of the richest sources of vitamin C. A serving size of 100 grams contains about 228.3 mg of vitamin C.

vitamin c rich foods


2. Orange: One of the most popular citrus fruits oranges are among the richest source of vitamin C. A large orange contains about 97.9 mg of vitamin C. Juice it or eat it right away and enjoy the goodness of this vitamin C fruit.

3. Kiwi: Add a kiwi or two to your smoothie or eat it raw, it tastes great no matter how you have it. A 100 gram serving of kiwi contains 92.5 mg of vitamin C.

4. Strawberries: Strawberries seem to be everyone’s favourite. This is also one of the fruits rich in vitamin C. Add to a few to your bowl of cornflakes, porridge, your cakes and brownies, or to your jams and jellies and take the benefits of vitamin C.

5. Tomatoes: Consider it to be a vitamin C vegetable or a vitamin C fruit, these cute tomatoes are surely on the vitamin C rich foods list.

6. Peas: An excellent source of iron, fresh peas are another vegetable rich in vitamin C. You have a lot of interesting options, have them in stews, potatoes, curries, soups and salads.

7. Amla (Indian Gooseberry): Found almost all over India, amlas have many health benefits including being a vitamin C rich food. If you can’t eat this sour fruit, you may have the amla juice, amla candy or amla pickle.

vitamin c rich foods


8. Lemon: Lemons are one of the richest sources of vitamin C. Low in calories, add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of water and have every morning. Don’t forget to add a dash to your salads and to your drinks.

9. Cauliflower: Poor cauliflower is often overshadowed by broccoli, but this cruciferous (related to the cabbage family) is rich in vitamin C, Vitamin K, calcium and phosphorus.

10. Cabbage: Another vitamin C vegetable is cabbage that is high in vitamin C and low on calories. Salads, meals, soups, cabbage goes with and in everything.

11. Muskmelons: Muskmelons are a tasty vitamin C fruit and are loaded with minerals and dietary fibre as well. Have the fruit as it is or adds it to your fruit bowl.

12. Sweet Potato: Another food that contains vitamin C is the sweet potato can add several nutrients to your diet. It has 7mg of vitamin C per 100 gm of serving. It also contains almost double the amount of fibre as compared to a potato.

13. Spinach: Thanks to Popeye, we know that spinach gives us strength, but you would be happy to know that spinach is a vitamin C Vegetable too. Blanch spinach and add to other veggies or chicken or mushrooms or fish or paneer.

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vitamin c rich foods


14. Yellow Capsicum: Known to be one of the richest sources of vitamin C, this yellow veggie not just adds colour to your food but also helps in building your immunity.

15. Potato: Another vegetable rich in vitamin C is the potato. This convenient, easily available and generally inexpensive potato is a vegetable rich in vitamin C.

16. Green Chillies: Surprised? Yes, green chillies are very beneficial for healthy eyes, a clear skin and building up your body’s immunity. Considered one of the richest sources of vitamin C, green chillies are loaded with benefits.

17. Turnips: Better known as ‘shalgam’ in Hindi, a 100 gm of turnip serving gives you 12 mg of vitamin C. It is a great food that contains vitamin C.

18. Litchis: Litchis are one of the many fruits rich in vitamin C. They are rich in potassium as well. Have the fruit or make juice. Add the pulp to add up the benefits of vitamin C to your detox drink too.

19. Mango: Many of us often avoid mangoes as the ‘king of fruits’ is calorie high, but it is also a source of vitamin C, fibre and minerals. Having it on alternate days can help you in achieving the required vitamin C intake.

20. Pineapple: Pineapples are a great vitamin C fruit. This tropical fruit when ripe is extremely delicious. Add pineapple cubes to your salads, ice creams, smoothies and add pineapple slices as a pizza topping.

vitamin c rich foods


21. Papaya: This super fruit, rich in vitamin C also has Vitamin A, calcium and potassium. Add raw papaya to your veg-soup and use the ripe papaya in salads and smoothies.

22. Cherries: The sweet and mouthwatering cherries are very rich in vitamin C. Cherries are also rich in folate, protein and Vitamin A.

23. Broccoli: Enjoy the vitamin C benefits, by eating broccoli regularly. This very healthy vegetable goes well with a number of dishes.

24. Cloves: Cloves add so much flavour to the Indian cuisine. They are loaded with vitamin C. Make your food rich in vitamin C by adding a clove or two to just about everything.

25. Watermelon: One of the favourite foods that contain vitamin C are watermelons. It can provide almost 110% of our daily vitamin C value.

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How Much Vitamin C We Require?

We have studied that a regular intake of vitamin C is very essential for us. Now let’s highlight how much vitamin C per day do we require. Children above 4 years need a daily intake of 25mg of vitamin C, between 9-13 years they need around 45mg and by the time they turn adults 75 mg per day is enough. After that most adults need around 90 mg of vitamin C per day.

The benefits of vitamin C are tremendous, remember these 25 vitamin C rich foods you need to include in your diet and enjoy their goodness!!

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