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Top 25 Vitamin A Rich Foods You Need To Include In Your Diet

Vitamin A rich foods

There is absolutely no doubt about how beneficial vitamins are for the human body. Since the day we are born, vitamins play a vital role in maintaining proper nutrient balance in our body. Of all the vitamins, the one which we are most worried about is Vitamin A. Why? Obviously, because we don’t want a blurry vision and spectacles on our face.

There are plenty of Vitamin A rich foods which include fruits, vegetables, meat, and dry fruits. All you need to do is be a little more aware of Vitamin A deficiency symptoms and diseases. Here, in this blog, we will tell you all that you need to know about Vitamin A rich foods and Vitamin A benefits. Go ahead and you won’t regret!

Table Of Contents:

‣ Vitamin A Benefits That Will Keep Your Health Stable

‣ 25 Amazing Vitamin A Rich Foods:

       [A] Vitamin A Rich Fruits And Vegetables

       [B] Vitamin A Rich Non-vegetarian Foods

       [C] Vitamin A Rich Dairy Products

‣ Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin A Benefits That Will Keep Your Health Stable

Vitamin A rich foods


Vitamin A is mainly about retinoids and carotenoids which nourish your eyesight in the first place. It has a good amount of anti-oxidants, which prevents any harmful reaction from taking place within your body. Not just this, but Vitamin A boosts up your immunity like any other useful ingredient. In order to get clear insight, let us go through Vitamin A benefits in a crisp and clear form.

The first and foremost has to be an improvement in eyesight. It also enhances your night vision and prevents you from night blindness which may gradually progress due to Vitamin A deficiency and effect of UV rays on your eye. It also postpones age-related degeneration of eye pigments.

It is scientifically proven that if you consume a Vitamin A rich diet, it prevents the factor which causes the development of renal calculi, commonly known as a kidney stone.

Vitamin A enriches your teeth by forming a thick layer of dentin which adds to the strength of your teeth. It also prevents the problems occurring as a result of oral health issues.

Functions of Vitamin A include proper repairing of tissues. It enables the faster replacement of tissues and helps you in the healing of a wound or any minor internal injury.

Including Vitamin A in your diet stops the access production of sebum which immediately results in acne. It keeps the skin sufficiently smooth and moist.

A balanced consumption of Vitamin A prevents blood clot and saves you from bizarre effects of cardiovascular diseases.

Measles mainly occurs in children because they are deficient in Vitamin A. Including Vitamin A in your child’s diet will relieve diarrhea, fever, and weakness that is accompanied by other symptoms of measles.

Benefits of Vitamin A are particularly immense for growing teenagers because it enhances the development of muscles. It provides proper muscle strength for all the hectic activities at that age.

25 Amazing Vitamin A Rich Foods

Here are some of the essential Vitamin A rich food that will keep you safe from some of the major health problems. Go through this carefully and thank us later!

Vitamin A rich foods


[A] Vitamin A Rich Fruits And Vegetables

1. Butternut Squash: This yellow and orange colored fruit which more or less looks like a cucumber with a swollen end has a good amount of beta-carotene. It is so rich and tasty that one cup will nourish you with 4 times Vitamin A required for your body on daily basis.

2. Mustard Leaves: As a Punjabi or any North Indian, you would know the importance of Sarson Ka Saag. It is a multivitamin green vegetable which can also infuse calcium into your body. The best part is you can consume it both raw as well as in cooked form.

3. Basil: Along with rich flavor, it has the capacity to enrich your eye pigments due to its Vitamin A benefits. It not only enhances your immunity but also protects you from the risk of oral and lung cancer.

4. Iceberg Lettuce: So you thought only orange colored stuff were the sources of Vitamin A? Here, is this yummy salad material which can add a bonus to your health. You can consume it with your salad or in between your sandwiches on daily basis without getting an overdose of it.

5. Peas: Peas are also one of the rich sources of Vitamin A. You can consume it in any form and the best part is, it doesn’t hurt if you eat it raw. However, the cooked form would be better of course, because sometimes it may contain mild pesticides which can cause stomach ache.

6. Tomatoes: Here comes another hero of your salad. It is scientifically proven that including tomatoes can improve your Vitamin A deficiency symptoms. Why not give it a try?

7. Spinach: Some of the scientists working with rDNA technology have developed spinach with the improved quantity of Vitamin A. It accounts for 50% of daily intake of Vitamin A. Even if you drink the water in which spinach is boiled, you can get over your Vitamin A deficiency easily.

8. Kale: Even though it is a green, kales are major sources of Vitamin A. If you don’t like the taste, then Kale chips are also available and you definitely need to try them. Also, FYI kale adds 2 times more Vitamin A to your body as compared to spinach.

9. Carrots: You might have heard about carrots being rich in Vitamin A million times. All we would suggest you is that you can grind it with milk into milkshake consistency for better results. If you have a vision problem, you can definitely improve it by simply binging on carrots.

10. Sweet Potatoes: Little did you know that sweet potato can add 5 times more Vitamin A to your body. You can also mash it into milk for more benefits and sweet potato chips won’t taste bad too. Think about it!

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11. Mangoes: Who would say no to Vitamin A deficiency if mango is the solution to it? Add it to the main dish, make a dessert, slice it raw, or grind it into a milkshake. Anything or everything prepared from mango will be mouthwatering and definitely good for health. But, if your body is already heated up, then you need to watch your mango consumption.

12. Peach: This fruit with mild and delicious flavor is also rich in Vitamin A. Apart from that, it has phosphorus, potassium, and iron which can improve your haemoglobin content as well as stimulus capacity also.

13. Papaya: Not many of you are a big fan of papaya, but its beta-carotenes are amazing for your skin as well as eyesight. You can consume just one-fourth of an averagely sized papaya. You can also add it to your fruit salad and make smoothies out of it.

14. Bell Pepper: A vegetable that adds flavor to almost any dish. Red and yellow colored bell peppers are particularly good if you need to consume more of Vitamin A. Apart from being a source of Vitamin A, it also has a good amount of anti-oxidants.

15. Grapes: This is a fruit which has a variety of vitamins and minerals. The acid present in grapes are good for lysis of acne bacterium and helps you to digest your food easily. This also improves your immunity.

16. Oatmeal: Rich in fiber, this yummy breakfast also accounts for 29% of Vitamin A required on daily basis for your body. Apart from that, it adds potassium and iron to your body which improves the osmotic balance of the same.

17. Paprika: Your favorite spice on top of the pizza is also a Vitamin A rich food. It stimulates digestion and also contains a good amount of potassium and calcium. Needless to mention, it adds a pungent flavor in all the dishes.

18. Cantaloupe: The sweet and juicy flesh of Cantaloupe is a Vitamin A rich food which is also a fat and cholesterol burner. You can make its juice and that will act as a perfect body coolant during summer. Also, it tastes like a mix of cucumber and papaya so you will love it in a fruit salad.

19. Turnip Greens: Usually turnip is not a favorite vegetable of the majority of us, but its greens can be your favorite. You can cook it after washing properly and it is actually one of the best Vitamin A rich foods.

20. Dried Apricot: Also known as khubani, this Vitamin A rich fruit is available in regions with chilly weather. It is also known to majorly contribute to improving your haemoglobin.

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Vitamin A rich foods


[B] Vitamin A Rich Non-vegetarian Foods

21. Cod Liver Oil: When you talk of Vitamin A rich foods, the first thing that comes to our mind is cod liver oil. Even most of the Vitamin A capsules in earlier days were made by filling cod liver oil into gelatin coat. Nonetheless, it has omega-3-fatty acid which obviously helps in weight loss.

22. Eggs: These are the most non-controversial nonvegetarian food. Not just proteins, but it is also rich in Vitamin A. If you are consuming egg from a health point of view, prefer eating boiled eggs over omelet because heat can degenerate the nutrients present in it.

23. Beef liver: In non-vegetarian food, the liver of the meat has the maximum amount of Vitamin A content. And amongst all, beef liver is the best if you are suffering from severe Vitamin A deficiency diseases.

[C] Vitamin A Rich Dairy Products

24. Whole Milk: No wonder milk is known as complete food. It is a significantly rich source of Vitamin A which can nourish your body as well as bones.

25. Swiss Cheese: Of all the qualities of cheese, the Swiss are Vitamin A rich food. Make sure you don’t consume it junks like pizza or burger. Instead, you can add it to your salad or simply sprinkle over vegetables lightly tossed in palm oil.

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Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin A rich foods


Given below are some of the major signs and symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency which will help you in watching your diet and taking necessary measures.

Skin and eye acquires an unhealthy dryness

Your night vision is affected and you find it hard to notice things after sunset

Trouble in conceiving and doubting infertility

Improper growth signs in children despite having a good appetite

Frequent recurrence of infections in throat and chest, especially the accumulation of a cough

Prolonged wound healing process for even minor cuts and scratches

The eruption of too much acne, boils, and papules on the skin along with an increase in oiliness

With this, we hope that you got something to know about Vitamin A benefits and Vitamin A rich foods. Keeping all the above facts in mind, we would like to conclude that Vitamin A alone is not enough to cope with your health issues. You need to include other supplements also which can support the function of Vitamin A and increase absorption of the same. So stay healthy, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to share your experience with Vitamin A and let us know how this blog helped you! Happy reading!

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