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Top 25 Protein Rich Foods You Need To Include In Your Diet

protein rich foods

Interested to have a zero-sized body like Kareena Kapoor or perfect abs like Hrithik Roshan? Then protein-rich food is your go-to. It is a muscle former and a hunger controller and what more? It could satiate your taste-buds in the way you have never imagined. There are plenty of varieties of protein-rich food (thanks to a different amino acid profile in each of them) that could be excellent for your muscle health. But are you taking enough of it? What is the best protein-rich food you need to have to provide enough protein to your body? Read on to know.

Table Of Contents:

‣ What Is Protein?

‣ Top 25 Protein-rich Foods

   [A] Dairy And Eggs

   [B] Meat

   [C] Seafood

   [D] Seeds And Nuts

   [E] Grains And Legumes

   [D] Fruits And Vegetables

What Is Protein?

protein rich foods


Protein is a macronutrient made up of one or more than one chain of amino acid. It helps in building the muscle mass of the body. Although proteins are commonly present in animal products, we do have protein-rich food for vegetarians too such as nuts and legumes.

Each gram of proteins contain 4 calories and of the body weight of any person is considered, it contains about 15 percent of it.

To explain the relationship between amino acids, proteins and body mass, we could say amino acids are the building blocks of protein and proteins are the building blocks of muscle mass. The main functions of proteins are fuelling muscle mass and thereby helping in metabolism, building up the immune system and also provide satiety effects.

Top 25 Protein Rich Foods List:

High protein foods can be categorized into 6 different food groups.

protein rich foods


[A] Dairy And Eggs:

‣ Cottage Cheese: Cottage cheese is a must have in high protein diet. It is one of the sources of protein whose each cup could provide 28 g of protein, along with 163 calories. (that’s about 56% of daily protein requirement of the human body).It is inexpensive and the best protein-rich food for vegetarians.

‣ Tofu: Tofu is one of the high protein foods which contains 12.8 g of protein in each ¼ block of tofu (that’s about 26% of your daily protein requirement). This protein rich food contains 117 calories too and is a very good alternative to meat. So, it is definitely a protein rich food for vegetarians. Along with proteins, it is rich in magnesium, iron and other nutrients.

‣ Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is one of the amazing sources of protein. Every 2/3rd cup of Greek yogurt contains 11 g of proteins (22% of daily protein requirement). This protein rich food also contains calcium and vitamin b12. Unlike most protein rich foods, this food might be having the ability to work favourably for good gut bacteria - a recent study says.

‣ Soy Milk: Soya milk is tailored made protein rich food for vegetarians. Each cup of soy milk provides the 16% of daily protein requirement of a human body that is 8 g of protein. Soy milk also shows the effect of reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

protein rich foods


[B] Meat:

The best sources of protein are meats. It could offer a major protein punch.

‣ Chicken Breast: Every half cup of chicken contains 28 g of protein. Or if you prefer canned chicken, you can definitely add it to protein rich diet. Every 3 oz of canned chicken contains 21 g of protein. The bones of the chicken are no less. You can prepare the bone broth. Every ¼ cup contains 20 g of essential nutrients. Chicken breast is a wonderful protein rich food for weight loss too.

‣ Steak/Ground Beef: One of the high protein foods, steak, is rich in amino acids. Hence, protects and builds your muscles perfectly. Each ounce of steak contains 7.6 g of proteins. That is 15% of daily protein requirement.

‣ Pork Chops: This excellent sources of protein is also an excellent source of zinc. 1 boneless pork chop consists of 39 g of proteins (i.e., 77% of daily protein requirement). Every 3 oz of Canadian bacon consists of 15 g of protein.

‣ Turkey Breast: Along with being one of the high protein foods, it also satiates your hunger for a longer period. It has less fat and calories. Every 1 slice of turkey breast contains 4 g of protein - 7% of daily protein requirement.

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protein rich foods


[C] Seafood:

If you like seafood, then you can certainly add it to your high protein diet.

‣ Halibut: Obtaining one of the top position in the protein rich foods list, this food contains 42 g of protein in every half fillet of halibut (Atlantic and Pacific). It is also high on calories (224 calories in ½ an of halibut). The fatty acids in the halibut are known for its ability to reduce any sort of heart diseases and lower bad cholesterol levels.

‣ Pacific Cod Fish: Each fillet of Pacific codfish provides 42% of the daily protein requirement of a human body (i.e., 21 g of protein). Although this is one of the protein rich foods, it consists of very less fat content. The vitamin D helps in bone health and B12 in Codfish helps in improving nerve function.

‣ Yellowfin Tuna/Light Tuna: The vitamin B rich Yellowfin Tuna contains 6.6 g of protein in every oz of boneless tuna. That is about 13% of the human body daily protein requirement. It also contains low calories (31 calories).

‣ Alaskan Salmon: Salmon is certainly a powerhouse of nutrition. Along with being a protein rich food for weight loss, it contributes to the overall health of yours. Every ounce of Alaskan salmon contains 6.3 g of protein and 39 calories.

protein rich foods


[D] Seeds And Nuts:

‣ Pistachios: Pistachios are a good source of fiber and help in digestion. It also satiates the hunger. Hence, this is an amazing protein rich food for weight loss. Each cup of pistachio contains 25 g of protein and 685 calories. The pistachio flakes could be used liberally as a topping to prepare a protein rich Indian food.

‣ Quinoa: This particular seed contains quercetin and kaempferol. These compounds are responsible for the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of the seeds. This protein rich seed contains 24 g of protein and 626 calories in each cup of it.

‣ Walnuts: The brain-shaped walnuts are rich in protein and have high calories. Each cup of chopped walnuts consists of 18 g of protein and 765 calories. Consuming walnuts regularly also prevents gallstones and improves bone density.

‣ Pumpkin Seeds: The zinc rich pumpkin seeds contain 12 g of protein and 285 calories in each cup. The zinc in it helps in improving the health of the prostate and prevents prostate cancer.

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protein rich foods


[E] Grains And Legumes:

Grains And Legumes are the best protein rich food for weight loss. They could also replace other protein rich food for vegetarians. Most of the grains and legumes could be used to prepare protein rich Indian food.

‣ Soybeans: Soybean is the highest source of protein amongst all plant sources. It contains all the essential amino acids. Hence, it could be used in various protein rich food. It could be used as soy milk or soy cream or soy yogurt or just as soy. It contains 68 g of protein (136% of daily requirement) and 830 calories in each cup of soybeans.

‣ Wheat Germ: This Vitamin E rich food contains 27 g of protein and 414 calories in each cup of wheat cream. Wheat Germ also has the ability to fight free radicals. Wheat germ could be consumed by adding it to your yogurt or smoothie.

‣ Oats: Oats are an awesome source of soluble fiber. It contains 26 g of protein and 607 calories. Along with helping in digestion, it also prevents colorectal cancer.

‣ Barley: Barley has obtained a place in protein rich foods list because it has the ability to fulfil 46% of your daily protein requirement by providing 23 g of protein and 651 calories in each cup.

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protein rich foods


[F] Fruits And Vegetables:

The following protein rich foods list contains fruits and vegetables:

‣ Broccoli: Broccoli is one of the best high protein vegetables. It contains 4.3 g of protein and 51 calories in just one broccoli stalk. It is also a fighter of cancer and works as an anticancer food. It is also a good source of fiber.

‣ Sweet Corn: Each large corn ear contains 4.6 g of protein. It is low in fat too. Sweet corn is rich in potassium and vitamin A.Vitamin A works as an antioxidant. The fiber in sweet corn helps in digestion.

‣ Cauliflower: Being one of the high protein vegetables, it contains 16.6 g of protein and 210 calories. The nutrient Choline present in cauliflower helps in improving the memory and learning skills. It also improves sleep and muscle movements.

‣ Coconut: Each medium coconut hosts 13.2 g of protein and 1405 calories. The highly nutritious coconut is most protein rich food. It also offers numerous health benefits - from keeping your body cool to boost your immunity.

‣ Avocados: The folate-rich fruit is a must have during pregnancy. It has the ability to reduce the chances of miscarriage. It contains 4 g of protein and 322 calories.

Protein is important but most of us just ignore it and a very few of us actually think of whether we are getting enough of it. But you don’t have to worry about it if you include above-given protein rich foods in your daily diet. Along with strengthening your muscles, it also keeps you in good health.

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