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Top 25 Calcium Rich Foods You Need To Include In Your Diet

Calcium rich foods

Ever since we joined the school, our parents make us believe in the concept of Superman! And, we believe that he had strong bones so he can fly, and for that, he consumed a hell lot of milk. That’s it? Are you going to pass on the same story to your kid and see their weird faces while drinking milk?

Definitely not a good idea! Milk is not the only source of calcium available in nature. All you need to do is look around for more calcium rich foods and you will see that our food chain is a lot tastier than we assumed it to be. Ready to explore?

In this blog, we will highlight some of the calcium rich foods (apart from milk, of course) which you need to include in your diet. And we hope this will give you a sigh of relief and help you improve your diet. Let’s get started!

Table Of Contents:

‣ Why Are Foods High In Calcium Important For Our Body?

‣ 25 Calcium Rich Foods Which Are Easily Available To Us

   [A] Calcium Rich Fruits And Vegetables

   [B] Non-vegetarian Foods Rich In Calcium

   [C] Dairy Food Items Rich In Calcium

Why Are Food Items Rich In Calcium Important For Our Body?

Calcium rich foods


When we talk about the benefits of calcium, the first thing that strikes our mind is our skeletal system. But, benefits of calcium are not just limited to nurturing our bones. You will be amazed to know that it is one of the prime factors responsible for blood clotting. Calcium activates the clotting chain and promotes the accumulation of platelets on the affected site.

Calcium ions are also responsible for maintenance of blood pressure and proper functioning of thyroid glands. A proper intake of calcium also prevents the problem a woman faces during her menopause. Also, a sufficient level of calcium helps in recovering from physical trauma, an accident, or a deep wound. There are innumerable benefits of calcium if you try to explore more. 

25 Calcium Rich Foods Which Are Easily Available To Us

Here, we have listed 25 amazing calcium rich foods which can not only give you a wider option but also some undiscovered knowledge about calcium rich foods that actually existed around us. Let’s dive in!

[A] Calcium Rich Fruits And Vegetables

1. Soybean: It is not only a calcium rich food but also rich in proteins. For those who are looking for calcium rich vegetarian food, this is the perfect choice for you. You can make curry, add it to rice or salad, and also you can have some boiled chunks after a workout.

2. Soy Milk: Just imagine if soybean is a calcium rich food, then how beneficial will be its milk! If you are worried about its taste, then you will love it with a hint of honey or brown sugar. Also, you can mix with other fruit juices and consume it. That’ll be like a modification in taste (in case you didn’t like) and also a healthier alternative to usual milk.

Calcium rich foods


3. Sunflower Seeds: Hard to believe right? You must be thinking that this is the diet of a bird, but sunflower seeds are a really healthy source of calcium. If you carefully notice a diet bar, you will see sunflower seeds in them. And that’s a proof that this is a calcium rich food.

4. French Beans: Not immensely rich in calcium, but these also fall under the category of food items rich in calcium. It is a minor source of calcium and you can simply consume it by steaming and making a salad with olive oil, nuts, or whatever healthy option you find around you. It also helps you in weight loss, so definitely a must try option.

5. Broccoli: You might have seen this vegetable in many salads and people actually prefer broccoli in many of their eatables. Broccoli is a source of calcium because it has about 62 mg of the element and also protects you from deadly diseases like cancer. These are also one of the preferred vegetables to include in the diet if you are working to get some abs on your abdomen.

6. Sesame Seeds: Don’t you like that sprinkled sesame on your burger bun? Then why not include a bit more of it into your diet? You would love to know that just 1 tbsp of sesame seed is equal to a half cup of milk. It is certainly a rich source of calcium, isn’t it? Just like burgers, you can sprinkle it in your flavoured rice, noodles, pasta, or even add paste of sesame seeds in your curries.

7. Baby Carrots: Carrots are not less than a magic for everyone wanting to have healthy food rich in calcium. This is one of the best calcium rich foods you can ever have. Also, if you make a carrot shake by mixing it with milk and a few almonds, then what else would be a better option?

8. Figs: Little did you know, why your mom always forced you to eat dried or ripened figs regularly! The 52 mg of calcium in fig helps you improve your bone density and protects women from osteoporosis. You can add them in oatmeal, fruit salad, or even munch on them with almonds as a companion.

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Calcium rich foods


9. Sweet Potato: Did you ever notice a few brands introducing sweet potato chips in their merchandise? That’s because one average sized sweet potato can infuse 68 mg of calcium into your body. Indeed it is one of the best Indian food rich in calcium. You can thinly slice them and roast them evenly into chips. Now, use some healthy dip and enjoy this snack.

10. Oranges: So you thought yellow fruits were all about vitamin C, huh? Not anymore! 74 mg of calcium is no less a quantity. Consume it in the form of juice or simply gobble the pulps to relish the benefits of calcium in your daily diet.

11. Butternut Squash: Well, that’s a name you rarely hear, but it is a vibrant fruit which is a key solution to most of your health issues. You can eat it raw if you like, or you can roast the small cubes with some lemon juice topped on it. This source of calcium blesses you with 84 mg of it. Isn’t it amazing?

12. Kelp: This is a sea vegetable or what you commonly call as seaweed but not harmful though. One of the amazing calcium rich foods which also adds some iodine to your body. You can add them into soups, shallow fry with mild spices, or simply make smoothies if you are that big of a fan of green veggies. It certainly provides you maximum benefits of calcium by delivering 134 mg of it.

13. White Beans: A perfect source of calcium if you want to prevent muscle fatigue. Apart from this it also prevents long-term accumulation of fat in your body. You have every reason to grab this benefit of calcium and try out this calcium rich food. You would love to know that it stores 161 mg of calcium in it.

14. Black-eyed Peas: It is an Indian food rich in calcium which is also called "lobia" in the northern part of India. It is more or less similar to soybean seeds but actually tastes better. It is a rich source of calcium that store about 185 mg of calcium in it. It not only reduces heart disease but also prevents osteoporosis. You can simply boil them and make a lentil salad out of it.

Calcium rich foods


15. Green Leafy Vegetables: Your parents have already taught you much about these greens. Let us add more to your knowledge. A combination of lettuce, mustard greens, and turnip leaves can add about 197 mg of calcium to your body. These are moderately calcium rich foods, but their combination will help you derive the right outcome.

16. Broccoli Rabe: It is scientifically proved that one cup of broccoli rabe has about 301 mg of calcium in it. Isn’t it great? You can add them to noodles, pasta, ravioli, and other dishes of your choice. You can simply sauté it in olive oil or garlic oil and the flavour will drive you crazy. Include this food rich in calcium and get the maximum benefits of calcium out of it.

17. Almonds: Your favourite dry fruit has now made you proud. It is one of the best calcium rich foods and also one of the easiest calcium rich food to consume. You can chew them dry or add them in dessert and also make almond milk by finely grinding them and adding to milk. 

[B] Non-vegetarian Foods Rich In Calcium

18. Sardines: Of all the food items rich in calcium, sardines stand on first place with maximum naturally available calcium in it. Nonetheless, it is one of the most favourite fishes amongst non-vegetarians. You can cook it in many ways, but make sure you don’t roast them or overheat them because it might destroy some amount of calcium. It strengthens your bones like never before. In order to compensate for the calcium loss while cooking, you can add broccoli rabe or some orange juice while cooking for tangy flavour.

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Calcium rich foods


19. Rockfish: This fish is a surprisingly rich source of calcium despite having a mild taste and white flesh. You can add any flavour of your choice to these fishes and enjoy benefits of calcium. It is also a healthy option for your liver, in case it is weak.

20. Clams: Not many of you will be impressed with this suggestion, but this is actually a good option for non-vegetarians to add more calcium to their body. You can see the recipes and cook according to your taste buds. Clams add 33 mg of calcium to your body.

21. Salmon: The king of calcium rich food and also omega-3-fatty acid! It is perfection for non-vegetarians when you talk about healthy food rich in calcium. It has around 180 mg of calcium and an absolute fat burner for your body.

22. Shrimps: For the extreme seafood lover, this is an ideal source of calcium. Just like sardines, make sure you don’t overcook and also choose the shrimps carefully.

[C] Dairy Food Items Rich In Calcium

23. Greek yogurt: Yogurt is anyway one of the best dairy food items rich in calcium. As far as Indians are concerned, you can have them with your sweet potato chips as mentioned above by adding some chopped garlic and parsley to it. It gives around 200 mg of calcium to your body.

Calcium rich foods


24. Buttermilk: Cheers to all the South Indians who consume this healthy drink on daily basis. If you are going through weakness or need a simple coolant for your body, then buttermilk is the perfect option. No fats, no bloating, and a perfect match to your spicy lunch meal. It has benefits of calcium just the same as curd or yogurt.

25. Cheese: Last but not the least, who doesn’t like cheese? You can consume any variety of cheese like Ricotta, Parmesan, Cheddar, American, or Fetta. They have calcium ranging from 55 mg to 335 mg. Make sure you are combining it with a healthier option and not something too heavy or fatty.

With this assumption that you are satisfied with all the above details, we would like to give you a small suggestion. As a parent or as a consumer yourself, try to experiment with your diet in a healthy way. You don’t have to stick to typical methods; after all when will be your culinary skills utilized! Now curb your calcium deficiency like a champion with these lovely 25 food items rich in calcium listed for you.

Hence, stay tuned for more useful blogs for a better healthcare and parenting. Let us know your interesting stories and experiments that you have done or your parents have done to infuse more calcium into your body. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome because we are all ears. Stay healthy!

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