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Top 10 Names For Your Baby Boy - July Edition

Is your baby due this month? Congratulations! Now, choosing a name for your little one might not have been a priority while you were busy preparing everything else that would welcome him into this world. 


July is the month that marks the start of the second half of the year. A rainy month, it allows for growth and intensity. Children born in July are imaginative, independent, friendly, and always trying to learn and grow. So, if you’re having a cute little baby boy soon and don’t know what to name him, we hope that this list of July-themed baby names helps you pick a name for your little boy that will match his personality.

1. Darsh

Usually a name found among Hindus and Jains, Darsh is a name of Lord Krishna. It also means ‘sight.’ It could refer to the creative or imaginative side of your little one - the ability to see what others may not. July borns are creative and insightful as children and adults. Encourage your baby’s creative side if he displays it.

2. Mayank

A name of Indian origin, Mayank, in Sanskrit means ‘moon.’ It can represent ambition and their own personal sense of style. Allow your baby to be unique and have his own take on life - you may not always agree with them, but it will be good to have fresh perspectives.

3. Mihir

The name ‘Mihir’ means ‘Sun.’ The name is found popular and attractive by people across the Hindu, Jain as well as Islamic faiths. A name that is limitless, just like your child’s potential. Let your child explore their options, so that they can find the things they love and are very good at. It is their path to success!

4. Hrishi

While the name Hrishi is often known to mean ‘sage’, it also means ‘pleasure.’ What could be more fitting a name for your child than the emotions they make you feel? You can name your little boy Hrishi to stand for the happiness he brings the family. A July born is sensitive and needs affection, so let your child know how happy you are to have them.

5. Tasmai

Tasmai means ‘Up to Him.’ The name carries meanings of someone who is helpful, with a spiritual urge to help humanity and function on par with idealistic standards. A July-born is very thoughtful so when discouraged, he can become quiet and moody. Help him cope with his emotional side, and do not discourage emotionality.

6. Hiyan

The name ‘Hiyan’ is listed as an Assamese name, and it means ‘heart.’ This could stand for the passionate and sensitive character that July babies have. It is also an alternative name of Lord Vishnu. Passionate July-born kids need to know that it is okay to feel strongly about things, and that you will support their efforts when they’re very passionate about them.

7. Adel

Adel is a Parsi name, with a mixed origin that is Arabic, Afghan, and even German! The name means righteous or one who believes in justice. A noble name for a noble baby! Encourage strong moral values in your child, because they will fiercely stand for the values that they want to uphold.

8. Theo (or Theodore)

Theo or Theodore, is a name with Greek origin. The Greek word ‘theos’ means God, and Theo/ Theodore means ‘a divine gift.’ And if you name your kid Theodore, you can nickname him Teddy as well! Isn’t that cute? It can also stand for the value of love and kindness that is preached across cultures.

9. Vihaan

In Sanskrit, Vihaan means ‘dawn’ or the morning light. A modern take on baby-naming, it could stand for the radiance and change the baby brings into your life. July-borns’ creativity and determination is the type that can bring change in society and the world when encouraged. So encourage that determined child of yours!

10. Reyansh

Reyansh is a name that can mean either a ‘ray of light’ or a ‘part of Lord Vishnu.’ Now, isn’t your baby like a ray of sunlight for you? Let your little one know that he is valued!

Remember that a name is simply that - it doesn’t necessarily point to the character of your child! But it can be a goal for your child to work towards, and that way, you can always make it interesting for your little one and yourself.

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