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Top 10 Benefits of Sugarcane Juice You Did Not Know

When it comes to the most satisfying things in the summers, the Sugarcane Juice is the considered as the best you can opt for. Apart from being an ultimate delicacy, numerous benefits of sugarcane juice also define this as the best drink of summers that not only beat the heat but also maintain the natural glucose level in the body in a hot afternoon of the extreme Indian summers.

Table Of Content:

- Sugarcane Juice – A Great Choice For The Summers

- Nutrition Value Of Sugarcane Juice

- Health Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice

- Side-effects Of Sugarcane Juice

- Are there any precautions to follow?

Sugarcane Juice – A Great Choice For The Summers

Even if you are carrying a water bottle with you to beat the heat and dehydration during summers, you can’t be sure to stay away from the heat stroke. To be assured of being safe from the high temperature and hot winds, you need something extra. Something that not only helps to retain the minimum glucose level of the body but which also fulfils your urge to have something soothing in the summers. Sugarcane juice fulfils all the prerequisites of being an ideal summers’ drink.

Nutrition Value Of Sugarcane Juice

Did you know that 100 gram of sugarcane juice is plenty of essential elements such as –

Carbohydrates – 24%

Iron – 19%

Sodium – 2%

Magnesium – 2%

Potassium – 1%

Calcium – 1%

Moreover, it supplies around 270 calories per serving and is free from cholesterol and saturated and unsaturated fats too.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice or Ganne ka juice is hugely popular and there are ample reasons for this, the most significant being the numerous health benefits of sugarcane juice. It not only soothes the mind and the soul but also helps the body to work properly during the hot summers. You can drink it fresh and natural without adding synthetic ingredients.

Let’s have a look at the ten most important benefits of drinking sugarcane juice that many people might not be aware of.

1. An ideal drink for the weight loss seekers

For all those readers who are looking forward to losing the excess weight, the sugarcane juice can be a very important drink to rely on. The sugarcane juice is rich in fiber and natural sugar that helps you to stay away from the artificial sweeteners and fatty food items. Moreover, the juice also helps to boost up your energy and fastens your metabolism rate to train your body to burn more fat than ever before. These things eventually help you lose weight naturally and safely.

So, instead of following a crash diet or consuming the harmful weight reducers, rely on weight loss benefits of sugarcane to get in shape naturally.

2. A great way to keep cancer at the bay

We all know that the cancer cells develop and grow when your body becomes too acidic. So, inclining the body towards alkaline food can drastically improve the health of a cancer patient. The sugarcane is highly alkaline in nature and a regular consumption of the sugarcane juice can help to reduce the cancer cells naturally.

So, if someone is suffering from cancer, then it is advised that he should start consuming the sugarcane after consulting with the doctor to get the positive results. Consulting with the doctor can help you to stay away from any possible side effects of sugarcane juice your body may experience.

3. A must-have drink for a properly working kidney

The sugarcane juice is considered as a great detoxifier. Regular consumption of the sugarcane or the sugarcane juice can effectively cure the urinary tract infections. The diuretic nature of sugarcane juice helps the kidney to function properly and lowers the risk of developing kidney stones.

So, if you have any problem related to the kidney or urinary tract infection, then you should try the regular consumption of sugarcane juice to get a healthy kidney.

4. Your gateway for a beautiful skin

Sugarcane is amongst the very few natural sources of alpha hydroxy acids. The sugarcane juice can be very effective to treat acne, scars, and other skin disorders. This makes it a great alternative to the chemically altered products that can harm your skin permanently. Apart from drinking it regularly in summers, you can just apply it over your face to get extremely great skin free from acne, scars, and blemishes.

It also hydrates the skin which makes it look more lively and fresh. So, instead of trying chemicals on your face, try the all-natural sugarcane juice to get rid of all your skin related issues.

5. Recommended medicine for Jaundice

Jaundice is caused mainly due to poor functioning of the liver. According to ancient Indian medical theories as well as the modern medical researches, the sugarcane extract and juices can help to improve the liver functions, helps to retain the proteins and nutrients that were lost during the disease, and eventually helps the body to recover quickly.

6. Relieves digestive disorders and improves bowel health

Alkaline properties of the sugarcane also help to get rid of acidity and other digestion related issues that are common in summers. The sugarcane is rich in dietary fiber and improves the digestion drastically.

The sugarcane juice helps to cure constipation, inflammation and helps the person to get rid of bad bowel health.

7. Improves dental health and helps you to fight cavities

Another important health benefit of sugarcane is that it helps you to fight the cavities and improves your dental health. The sugarcane is rich in calcium and phosphorus that help it to fight the cavity and protects the tooth enamel against premature decay.

8. Treats stress and insomnia

The amino acids, tryptophan, and magnesium present in the sugarcane help the body to relieve stress and eventually help it to sleep better. It also soothes the acidity that may be caused due to spicy food that you may have in the evening. So, it’s a good idea to have a glass of sugarcane juice before going to the bed.

9. Improves the overall immune system

As a great source of Vitamin C and other minerals, the sugarcane juice has numerous health benefits and by consuming it cleverly we can strengthen our immune system like never before. There are multiple health benefits of sugarcane juice that can be really helpful for a healthy life.

10. Regulates blood pressure

Sugarcane juice is a rich source of potassium that helps the blood to flow normally and reduces the extra stress from the veins and blood vessels. Thus, it eventually helps to regulate the blood pressure effectively. So, try it to get rid of issues related to blood pressure and blood flow.

Side-effects Of Sugarcane Juice:

Along with the many health benefits of sugarcane juice, there are some cons or side-effects of this refreshing drink that needs to be kept in mind. Here are a few of them:

‣ Extremely high sugar and calorie content

‣ Increases cholesterol level

‣ Low shelf-life - easily becomes oxidised and turns toxic within 15-20 minutes

‣ The policosanol compound present in the drink can cause dizziness, thinning of blood, loose motion as well as insomnia.

Are There Any Precautions To Follow?

People often wonder whether it is safe to have sugarcane juice during pregnancy.

Well, you can definitely have sugarcane juice during pregnancy. Sugarcane juice has a good amount of antioxidants and vitamins that ensure good health of the baby as well as the mom. The numerous vitamins and proteins present in the sugarcane make sure that the baby is growing healthy inside the womb. Additionally, if you are experiencing morning sickness during your pregnancy, then it is advised that you should drink half a cup of sugarcane juice with crushed ginger extract.

However, owing to the high amount of natural sugar present in it, you should limit the intake of sugarcane juice while you are pregnant. To be safe, it is best to consult your doctor to know how much of the sugarcane juice you can safely consume in a day.

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