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Top 10 Baby Names For Girls - July Edition!


As you wait to bring your precious little one into this world, names are going to be your source of anxiety. You feel like you must do everything possible to make sure that your little one gets the perfect everything.

It’s July and the picnic season has arrived. There are the ice creams, sandwiches, beaches and barbeques. In such a time of happiness and sunshine, here are top 10 of the best baby girls name you can use to welcome your July baby! 

1. Ruby

Your baby girl is the gem of your life - so Ruby is the perfect name that you can choose. It is also the lucky birthstone for a July baby - so that way your little one gets an even more special name.

2. Genevieve

This name means “white wave” and is fit for a baby girl who is as unique and beautiful as the nature of the water in a beach.

3. Adiba

Adiba means "cultured and polite". If you think that your baby is going to keep her family close - this name will be the for her.

4. Safia

With such a name that means "clean and pure", your baby girl will get the deserving identity of the most special person in your life.

5. Calinda

As your little one is a July baby - a name that means “sun” is the perfect way to keep her birth month in every person’s mind when the summer arrives every year.

6. Aaheli

Your precious little girl is so important and sensitive. With a name like Aaheli - which means “pure” - you will make sure that she gets the protection that she deserves.

7. Deshna

This is a name that defines everything that your baby girl is to you. A name like Deshna will give her the very meaning of a precious “gift” that you have gotten in all your life.

8. Avnita

Avnita is a unique name for a baby girl that is as special as “the earth” that we live in. With such an important meaning - your baby girl will get the strong identity she deserves.

9. Roop

With a name a like Roop, your baby girl is going to get the identity that is always been made for her. Roop is a name that means “beautiful” and is something that your baby girl is definitely.

10. Freida

As soon as your baby girl enters this world - you just feel a great sense of happiness. A name like Freida - which means "joy" - will help you always remember that she is the best thing that happened to you.

So, which one is your favourite ladies? Comment and share with each other! 

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