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Too Busy To Workout? Me Too, Until…


This blog was originally written by Simrun Chopra. To view more of her work click here.

Most moms don't have the time to have a cup of tea in peace. There's a common misconception that if you're a stay at home mom, you're doing nothing. The truth is you are trying to do as much as you can and before you know it, the day is over.

Be it a working or Stay At Home Mom, it feels like there's never enough time. While working out and weight loss sounds like something we can put away, we don't realise the impact it has. Nutrition plays a big role in our lives whether you are trying to lose weight or just get back in shape. The focus should not only be on working  out but also on getting in vital micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

The nutrients make up how we feel, how our body functions, and the diseases and disorders we can avoid. PCOS, diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides can all be avoided by getting the right nutrition. But the sad reality is that most Indians are deficient in Vitamin B6, B12, D and many more in iron. In fact, 55% of the women and 45% of the men are deficient in iron. Most of us aren't even aware of this and we don't realise what it’s doing to our body until we have a resultant disease or disorder.

I remember my first thought being, “Oh god how do I do this? How do I make sure I lose weight in a healthy way?” Then, I realised that I need to start making healthier choices when it comes to my meals and my exercise routine.

Here are a few things I changed in the last 6 months that actually helped me get fit:

1. A whole egg

2. Dahi or yoghurt at least twice a day

3. Ground seeds especially flax seeds if you're a vegetarian. Check out my seed mix recipe. Add it to rotis or curries.

4. At least 3 servings of different fruits

5. At least 3 servings of different veggies

6. Whole grains like brown rice, millets, ragi, jowar

7. Lentils and legumes: at least one serving of dal or channa, chola, rajma etc.

8. Lime or amla. Add it to anything for vitamin C

9. Good fats: avocado, coconut oil or olive oil. Avoid vegetable oils

These are easy everyday changes you can make. I call them the #simpleswaps.

While you're out or shopping, pick healthier options for your family. You can definitely indulge in juice every now and then. Just make sure you look at the labels first. Pick something like the new Tropicana Essentials IRON fortified with Iron, Vitamin A and C. One serving (200ml) of the juice is as good as 100gm of spinach. There's even a Tropicana Essentials FRUITS and VEGGIES option if you want to sneak in those fruits and veggies! One serving of this juice is the nutritional equivalent of 2 servings of fruits and veggies.

Remember: Your meals should be your main source of nutrition for you and your family. Consume one glass of the Tropicana Essentials per day along with proper, well-balanced meals to reap maximum benefits. If you think that you have a deficiency, consult a doctor. They will be able to guide you on how to get the right nutrients by eating nutrient-rich foods and supplements if necessary.

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