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Toddler Care Made Easy: The Only Guide You'll Need

The early years of having a baby in the house are the most challenging ones while later stages are relatively manageable. Toddlers are almost completely dependent on their parents for every single thing. It is in these years that a lot of core values are inculcated within children that last them a lifetime.  Toddlers offer a combination of unmatched curiosity and a little shaky coordination which is bound to keep parents on their toes. Out of all the instincts that humans have, toddlers apparently have a strong risk-taking instinct which is a good and a bad thing. In a way, they learn to do a lot many things on their own. But on the other hand, they can get themselves hurt if not supervised at all times. 

1. Medical Needs


Make sure that you keep a track of all their medical requirements and appointments. Do not miss any vaccine appointments and if you cannot make it, ask someone else to take your little one to the nearest vaccine center. Also, arrange regular health checkups with your baby’s pediatrician. This will ensure a holistic development of your child and ensure good health in the future.

2. Care and Hygiene

There are small things which we fail to take notice of, but which make a huge difference for our children. While selecting clothing for your toddler, choose a fabric that is soft and something that will not cause irritation to their skin. Inculcating small habits such as making them wash their hands before and after meals or playing with their pet, brushing their teeth twice every day, etc. will help them in the long run.

3. Healthy Diet

Once you introduce solid foods in your baby’s diet, make sure that you fulfill their entire nutritional requirement. Try to make new dishes with some healthy ingredients. Also, introducing children to all kinds of foods in the initial stages will ensure that they do not become picky. Give them a healthy breakfast and teach them about the importance of not skipping meals. Also, add plenty fruits and vegetables in their diet.

4. Showcase your emotions


Toddlers learn a great deal from their parents and hence it is imperative for parents to introduce them to the right kind of emotions. Inculcating values - like empathy, gratitude, kindness, punctuality - will make your children amazing human beings when they grow up. Give them opportunities to show their feelings and do not suppress them. Let them cry if they want to. But at the same time, take the liberty to explain why you did not give in to their certain wish.

5. Security and Development

You need to teach your toddler the basic ways in which to protect themselves in order to promote their development. Giving them hints about not accepting offers of candy from strangers and staying with the group when on a school trip are certain things that all parents usually tell their kids. Introduce them to books and educational toys from early on so that they can catch up quickly when they join pre-school.

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