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Tips To Stop Baby From Biting Nipple While Breastfeeding

It is such a wonderful feeling when you breastfeed your baby.It enhances your bond with the baby and the two of you begin to get attached to each other rather easily. It is a beautiful experience for a woman to breastfeed and nurture her young one.

The garden isn’t so rosy though because there’s a bit of pain involved when it comes to breastfeeding. It is when babies begin to bite the nipple. OUCH!! It is quite painful but you need to be prepared to bear this pain.

Your baby could bite if the position is not right. For him to latch on and suckle he would use the lower jaws and the upper jaws remain in fixed positions. Anyhow he would put his tongue over his gums while sucking to have enhanced additional support.

Here’s what you can do to stop your baby from biting:

1.Never suddenly pull your baby from the breast in case he bites. He might end up biting you harder making your breasts sore.

2. If you notice that he’s starting to bite you, push a finger between your breast and his mouth so that he’ll bite your finger instead of the breast.

3.Did you know that your baby kind of likes to bite you while feeding on your breast milk! The little one is very curious by nature so he would purposefully bite your breast to know your reaction. He might repeat his actions because he’s probably being a playful little cutie.

Fret not, distract him when he begins to bite you.

4. Don’t suddenly scream when he bites you as it might startle the baby. He might get scared and not latch onto your breast.

You must put him away for a bit so that you can ease out your discomfort.

5.When your baby latches onto your breast always keep an eye on him while he is feeding.

6. Get your baby comfy with teething chewy toys. They are like alternative things to bite on.

7. As your baby grows old, don’t forcefully breastfeed them. Start introducing weaning foods to your baby so that the biting reduces.


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