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Managing a toddler (especially babies between 2-4 years) can be quite a task. Children often tend to get bored very easily. They can't stick to one activity for too long. They are always on the lookout for new challenging games and activities (both indoor as well as outdoor). Many parents also introduce their kids to gadgets (especially mobile phones and laptops) with the hope that the child will remain quiet and peaceful at least for few hours. However, as suggested by many health experts and child psychologists, this may not be a wise decision. For all those parents who have to try everything under the sun to keep their tiny tots busy, here are a few useful and interesting ideas which are sure to bear some fruitful results.

A treasure hunt for the future detectives

If your child is inquisitive and curious, then the treasure hunt is just for them. You can hide their favorite toys or dress, set some interesting clues and get them going. The activity can be played both indoors as well as outdoors and is sure to keep the little munchkins occupied for a long time.

Painting can be fun

Be it on the wall, floors, or a book, kids find great enjoyment in scribbling. Adding some color to it will take the fun to another level. When it comes to painting, there are many options available such as hand painting, bubble painting, spray painting, pebble painting. Let your child explore them all. Things can be messy, but it is sure to keep both the mommy and the baby happy.

A Tent/Playhouse to build in their dreams

For a child, nothing can be fascinating more than having a playhouse of their own where they can spend all day playing, sleeping, relaxing and doing similar activities. You can place the playhouse indoors or outside on the lawn (especially when it is warm and sunny outside), stuff it with things of your kid's liking and let them enjoy their heart's fill.

Match the color

This activity will not only keep the child engaged but will also work wonders to develop their motor skills. Take two different color baskets (say red and green). Fill the third basket with red and green color balls. Now, ask the child to fill the first two baskets with balls of matching colors. The child will get confused, will also make mistakes, but is sure to have a gala time.

Encourage your child for gardening

Gardening can be thoroughly entertaining for the kids. Encourage this habit in your child by assisting the tiny hands in planting a sapling(s), and watering it every day. With time, you will be amazed how much your child cares for and nurtures the saplings.

Solving the puzzles (that are available on the market), playing with the building blocks, assisting you in washing the car, or lending a helping hand in the kitchen are few other activities that can be enthralling for the kids keeping them occupied for quite some time.

However, make sure to follow the necessary safety measures before getting your child in the kitchen.

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