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Tips To Help Your Child Stay Hydrated In Summer

Summer holidays are exciting for children. Soaking up in the sun rays, playing all day in a playground, nature hike, summer camping and loads of fun activities are the activities your kids love to do in summer. But considering the physical activities they do in summer, have you ever wondered what might happen to your child? The sugar levels could easily drop and make your child feel dehydrated. Losing too much of fluid from the body could be dangerous for your child’s health. So, here are a few tips to endure the summer and keep your child well hydrated.

Foster The Culture Of Hydration

Perchance the best way to keep your child hydrated is ensuring he drinks liquids frequently - maybe when you are stepping outside or immediately after coming in. Also, keep the water accessible to your child. And offer him water in a fancy cup or sipper he likes.

Flavoured Water

Colourless and tasteless water is something your kids don't like more often than not. So why not try some flavoured water? Add a pinch of dry ginger, jeera or cardamom to the water when boiling it. Along with giving a good colour and flavour, it is good for health as well. You can also make it flavourful by adding lemon, strawberry, cucumber, crushed mint or basil leaves. To tempt your kids to enjoy hydrating themselves, offer them the flavoured water in an attractive glass. The flavour of the fruit slices and its presentation encourages them to gulp down the entire glass of water.


Juices could also play a major role in keeping your child hydrated. Let your child have fresh juices of whichever fruit they like. But the thumb rule to remember is - too much is too bad. Since juices contain a high amount of sugars, it could never replace water. Also, too much of juices could lead to loose motions and loss of appetite.

Natural Or Homemade Drinks

Natural or homemade drinks such as coconut water or lemonade are advantageous over the artificial drinks or energy drinks. Coconut water is a healthy drink rich in natural properties such as vitamins, sugars, minerals and electrolytes. Buttermilk or lemon juice are other good hydrating drinks. These also help in maintaining body temperature. But alike juices, these natural drinks can't replace the water.

EAT Water

Fruits and vegetables contain a high level of water content and could be very helpful to keep your kid hydrated. These are also a good source of energy. Some of the fruits and veggies that could be given to your kids to maintain hydration in summer are watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapples, peaches, oranges, muskmelons, peaches, cranberries, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, celery, zucchini, green cabbage, green peas, carrots, and white potatoes. Pro tip: serve the fruits or veggies in the form of bites with sauces or mayonnaise or chocolate sauce or other treats. If your child likes the juices, you could pack in the veggies in the form of vegetable juices.


Who doesn’t like to satisfy their thirst by having popsicles on a hot summer day?! Yes, popsicles are a treat in summers. Prepare homemade frozen popsicles for your kid and he will love you more for that. These frozen treats contribute to fluid intake and also provides the goodness of fruits.

Dairy Products

Yoghurt, milk and buttermilk are great substitutes of water as these can keep your child hydrated for a long time. Milk also acts as refuel and provides energy to your kid. Yoghurt could be served as plain or make it flavoured by adding fruits to it.

Temperature Matters

Most of the kids are fond of ice or cold water, a few prefer water at room temperature and other would like to have lukewarm water. So, based on your child’s fondness, offer whatever they like. If they desire to have cold water, just add a small ice cube to a big glass of water. It inspires your child to have more water and helps in staying cool and hydrated all through the day.

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