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Tips To Deal With Fussy Eaters And How To Give Them Complete Nutrition

Is your child too picky about foods? Do you also struggle every day to convince him during mealtime to eat? You must be constantly worrying about the nutritional intake of your child and finding it hard to meet the essential nutritional quota. While it is hard to get them to eat “bland and boring” nutritious meals, it is important for them to get these essential nutrients as they help in proper growth and development. 

We know this can be a challenge for you and so mommies, here are a few tips to deal with your little fussy eater:

1. Variety is essential:

Life doesn’t seem bright in black and white setting, does it? Same goes for foods. So add some colours i.e., colourful fruits and vegetables to it. Make sure to keep it interesting by introducing different vegetables every day.

2. Keep it small:

Your child’s tiny tummy will not be able to hold much food. So keep the quantity small and give it at regular intervals. Do not force it too much if he refuses repeatedly. If your child rejects a particular food, mix it in a small amount with the ones he enjoys.

3. Load it well:

Make sure your child’s meals are dense with nutrients essential for his overall growth and development. Given that your child is quite picky about food, he probably will not eat too much healthy food in one go. So ensure that whatever he eats, is loaded with nutrients. You can also try Nestlé CEREGROW, which is fortified with 15 essential Vitamins and Minerals like Iron, Vitamin A, C, D etc. It is very easy to cook and children love the yummy taste. Click here to buy this nutritious food.

4. The presentation is the key:

Why do the great chefs in those pricey restaurants always offer food with a grand presentation? Because we are designed to develop an appetite for something that looks great and delicious. So put your creative genes into work and prepare an interesting display. You can add some fruits and nuts with CEREGROW to make it even more delicious and interesting.

5. Mealtime = Funtime

Mealtime doesn’t have to be only about food. Children get bored easily and lose interest especially when it comes to eating healthy food. Also, it may take more time for them to complete eating, so don’t lose patience. Instead, you can create a distraction by practising your storytelling skills and keep your child entertained until he finishes his food. You can even engage your child in some fun, food-related games to maintain a relaxed environment.

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